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Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) Platform

Consolidate your siloed file and object storage infrastructure into a unified unstructured storage platform built for the scale, performance, and reliability requirements of modern applications.

Modern Applications Require Modern Data Storage Solutions

Modern applications must deal with the increasingly digital, multi-dimensional, geo-distributed, dynamic, and unstructured reality of modern data.

The legacy siloed approach to file and object storage is too complex, and often a bottleneck to the data requirements of modern applications.

Unified fast file and object (UFFO) is a new category of storage architectured to address the demands of modern applications. UFFO is a storage platform that consolidates native fast file and fast object storage with an architecture that delivers simplicity, scale, and performance.

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Accelerate Core Applications through Fast File and Object Storage

Traditional file storage has been considered a fast option for reading data when scalability isn't a priority and has been typically optimised for large files, batched processing, sequential, or random file workloads. Traditional object storage is slow but can simply scale to massive capacities and was only treated as a convenient way to store large amounts of data in an archive.

A UFFO storage platform can consolidate the best of both unstructured storage approaches, combining the fast access of file storage with the scalability of object storage. It delivers multi-dimensional file and object performance fit for modern data requirements, including the real-time analysis of high throughput streaming data.

Handle all types of file and object workloads within a single system. Deliver a performant object storage persistence layer for your modern cloud-native apps.

Unify Unstructured Data Workloads without Added Complexity

Eliminate inefficient sprawling silos of legacy infrastructure and consolidate data for modern applications on a single platform to improve ROI and enable investment protection.

Improve IT productivity by bringing non-disruptive operations, cloud-like agility, operational simplicity, and scalability to your file and object workloads.

Scale-Out with Your Modern Data Demands

Scale capacity and performance dynamically to meet your application needs and business requirements. The unique scale-out architecture of a UFFO storage platform allows you to scale the system's capacity, performance and number of files, objects and metadata with ease. Keep your infrastructure agile and up-to-date with non-disruptive upgrades to your software and hardware.

Experience Modern Data Protection, Security, and Reliability

Modern data is rarely at rest and often under attack. And with the growing threat of ransomware attacks, it’s become especially important to safeguard your data while it's in motion.

UFFO storage platforms should offer enterprise-ready data protection capabilities, including snapshots, replication, and ransomware mitigation. Technologies such as Pure SafeMode™ snapshots allow you to protect backup data and metadata by creating a secure copy. Ransomware can’t eradicate, modify, or encrypt SafeMode snapshots, even with admin credentials and the performance levels possible with a UFFO storage platform enables rapid restore of data.

Meet the Industry’s Leading UFFO Storage Platform

Pure FlashBlade//S™ is the industry’s leading UFFO storage platform architected to address the demands of modern applications and unstructured data. Learn more about how FlashBlade can help you with your modern data needs.

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