It’s Time to Modernise Cloud Backup

How do you enable fast and cost-effective cloud data protection? Current approaches mostly involve antiquated tech built for tape, with restore performance an afterthought. It's time for a new, cloud-first architecture.

"Data protection and backup, once considered the more pedestrian of alleyways in the IT world, is one of the hottest topics in IT this year."

Steve McDowell, Senior Analyst
Moor Insights & Strategy

Get Flexible Backup and Recovery

You need a streamlined backup solution that delivers snapshots both for fast local restores and for longer-term, cost-effective retention in the cloud. Purity snapshots deliver: simple, built-in local and cloud protection for FlashArray™ via snapshots that are portable, incremental, and self-describing. All snapshots – on-premises and to the cloud – are the same, so you can freely move space-efficient snapshots within your clouds.

CloudSnap: Flexible Cloud Backup and Recovery

Downtime &
Seconds Matter

In the flash-to-flash-to-cloud model, Pure FlashBlade™ serves as the high-performance backup target enabling rapid restore within your private cloud. At the same time, you can use FlashBlade to deliver unprecedented performance for a wide range of workloads, including analytics and test/dev.

FlashBlade: High Performance Cloud Data Protection

Stop Juggling Backup Appliances

Answering the challenge of data growth with additional backup appliances only multiplies your silos – and slashes your efficiency. Instead, a data hub simplifies everything with a single, effortless backup domain that scales non-disruptively. Now you don’t need to manage where data is placed – or where to find it when you need to restore.

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