Transforming Storage in Government

Leverage the speed and efficiency of all-flash technology to achieve your agency’s mission, and meet your budget. Constituents expect the same level of service from government that they get from the private sector. What if the same technology that powers the online services of companies like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook were within reach of government, and could actually save your agency money?


All-flash performance, resiliency and simplicity for less than the cost of disk.

10x the Performance of Disk

Better online services for constituents, and faster analytics for improved decision-making.

Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Update software or upgrade controllers with no planned downtime and no data migration – ever.

All-Inclusive Security

With data at rest encryption and Rapid Data Lock technology, sensitive data remains private and secure.

Radical Simplicity

Easy setup and operation – the instruction manual fits on two sides of a business card.

No Maintenance Extortion

With our Evergreen Storage model, maintenance costs stay flat year after year.

No 5-7 Year Replacement Cycle

Avoid the traditional re-purchase cycle, significantly reducing regular CAPEX requests.

Accelerate Application Performance

Accelerate your most critical applications by moving to all-flash storage. As government organisations increasingly offer online services to constituents, Pure Storage provides fast transaction speeds for much-needed services – which increases public satisfaction.

Scale Easily

With hundreds or thousands of applications running in government data centres, a fast, scalable virtualised infrastructure brings order to what can be an IT nightmare. Pure Storage can host these applications and improve performance, availability and capacity.

Speed and Efficiency in VDI

Although there are many benefits to a virtualised desktop environment, government organisations find that inadequate storage is often the cause of failed VDI deployments. All-flash storage provides  the speed and efficiency you need to run VDI at full performance, with no disruptions.

Pure Storage takes Government IT into the future with Smart Storage

Case Studies

Over half of our customers purchase additional Flash Arrays within 12 months. Learn how government customers are transforming with Pure Storage:

Key Resources

Look here for information on Pure's industry-leading technology and products and their applications for federal, state and local government agencies.

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"We were seeing performance that we have never seen on a flash array before"
Rob Schraeger, CIO
Muskegon County
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"The Pure saves a lot of money, a lot of power and a lot of complexity."
Sasha Kipervarg, Senior Manager
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"Deployment was simple and painless with Pure Storage FlashArray."
Alan Davidson, Director
Avago Technologies

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