Uncomplicate Data Services for VMware Hybrid Cloud

Deliver superior simplicity, increased efficiencies, and reduced risk for your VMware and container workloads—everywhere.

Application Architectures on the Move

The transformation of applications running on VMs to containers will not happen overnight. For a period of time, they will need to run side by side. Ensure a data services platform that is highly scalable, organized, and granular—application focused operation. Read the IDC Report.

Simplify VMware Operations, Anywhere

VMware and Pure are engineered to run any application on any cloud, simplifying operations while eliminating risk.

Resilient and Secure Disaster Recovery with Pure Integrations

Integrated data protection with Pure's Site Recovery Adapater (SRA) for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM). Meet your most stringent business-continuity and disaster-recovery needs while improving and simplifying your DR strategy.

Evolve Your Modernisation with Flexibility

Accelerate app modernisation with Portworx® and Pure's Tanzu validated design architecture. Pure’s industry-leading vVols implementation and hybrid-cloud data services for containerized and VM-based workloads free your developers to create.

Uncomplicate Data Storage, Forever

The industry’s most reliable storage consumption service, built on Evergreen™ architecture. Eliminate complexity and cost associated with storage administration and support, achieve financial flexibility and operational simplicity—all while mitigating IT risk.

Pure Storage Is A Magic Quadrant™ Leader for the 9th Year in a Row.*

Pure Storage is positioned as A Leader once again in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage.

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Test Drive the Modern Data Experience™ for VMware

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What is VMware?

VMware is a software company that leverages virtualisation to help businesses with app modernisation, cloud computing, networking, multi-cloud environments, and security. Virtualisation involves creating a software representation of something, like a server, so that it can be accessed and used independently from the constraints of its physical hardware.

People also ask:

1. What is VMware Cloud Foundation?

VMware Cloud Foundation is the main virtualisation platform for managing virtual machines (VMs) and containers. It unifies vMware products (e.g., vSphere, vSAN, NSX) under a natively-integrated, software-defined infrastructure for storage, compute. networking, security, and cloud management. Pure has a VMware-validated, design-certified Partner Architecture forVMware Cloud Foundation with FlashStack®.

2. What is VMware vSphere?

VMware vSphere is a server virtualisation platform that includes a suite of products designed to help you virtualise your IT infrastructure. Core product offerings include:

  • ESXi: Type-1 hypervisor for decoupling virtual machines from hardware
  • vCenter Server: App for managing virtual machines in a vSphere environment
  • Virtual Machine File System (VMFS): File system for accessing the physical storage resources needed for your virtual machines (VMs)
  • Virtual Volumes (vVols): Representations of storage arrays that provide granular control over the provisioning of storage resources

3. What is VMware Tanzu?

Tanzu is a Kubernetes cluster-management platform that contains a suite of products designed to simplify deploying and managing containerized workloads across multicloud environments. Core products in the Tanzu portfolio include:

  • Tanzu Mission Control: Centralized dash for viewing all your Kubernetes clusters across your on-premises, hybrid, public, and private clouds.
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG): A provisionable Kubernetes footprint that can be managed via Tanzu Mission Control. TKG makes it possible to automate provisioning and lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters both on-premises with vSphere and in the public cloud.

4. How do VMware datastores work?

Datastores are virtual storage containers that leverage virtualisation to run agnostic of your storage device. Whether your data is stored in a storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS) device, vSphere datastores abstract away the details of the underlying storage hardware allowing you to consolidate them into a single data resource.

5. What are vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols)?

A vVol datastore is a representation of an array. A single array can have more than one vVol if it can support it. By encapsulating virtual machine files, virtual disks, and their derivatives, vVols act as endpoints that give you granular access to storage resources with policy-based management. In this way, it’s possible to manage and provision VMs and virtual disks as individual objects.

6. What are the benefits of using vVols with Pure Storage arrays?

vVols can bring the following benefits to your Pure Storage array deployments:

  • Automatic provisioning
  • Policy-based management
  • Virtual disk granularity
  • Array-level VM visibility

When combined with the scalability, reliability, and performance of Pure Storage all-flash storage solutions, vVols can help you bring a Modern Data Experience™ to your data centre.

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