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Driving Enterprise Imaging with Pure Storage's FlashArray File Services

Mark Dobbs and Erik Nystrom, our Enterprise Imaging field team, walk viewers through the benefits of using Pure generally, and FlashArray File Services specifically, for PACS and enterprise imaging.
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Hi, I'm Mark Dobbs and we're the enterprise imaging team here at pure storage. We're gonna talk to you today a little bit about what enterprise imaging means to pure and why pure storage has entered this space. And the question you may be asking yourself is why are we looking at what pure storage can offer for our enterprise imaging packs? And DNA?
Well, the question that we would ask you is do you know if your data is already moving too slow in your organization may be, your doctors have just become accustomed to what the pace of image opening time looks like and they just don't know that better solutions may exist out there to make them faster through their day or maybe you're considering cloud, maybe clouds where you're headed with your packs or you're looking forward to A I to help
speed up their workflow. There's a lot of different answers to kind of solving this problem, but we're going to talk to you a little bit today about specifically what we can do and bring value hopefully back to your environment and simplify your life at the same time. One of the ways that we like to have a conversation with our customers is by engaging with the workflow around enterprise imaging,
not even talking about storage, but particularly there's a solution we offer on our flash array family, which is now a unified file and block storage solution leveraging our F A file platform, which brings some unique advantages to your enterprise imaging application set. Specifically. You can now run all of the application storage on a single ray. We're talking about the database,
the BMS, the images and anything else that you want to do and replicate it and protect it. But specifically what that does to your organization or the value that we typically see our customers bring back to their physicians when they implement your storage. Well, it's better physician satisfaction. We will lower the time to first image. That means that your physicians will see those images appear faster before their eyes.
But it's not just that first image, it's also the last image and it's not just that first study of the day. It's every study throughout the day because we will guarantee 100% up time. We will also give consistency across the board. So no matter what the use cases, no matter what the workflow is, maybe it's breast tomo,
maybe it's CT exams with 2000 images or more. At the end of the day, peers, gonna give your radiologist the best most optimal experience to being able to leverage their data, the best thing though is that this is the last time you need to invest in data storage for your enterprise imaging environment with the pure evergreen business model. This is an invest once never re by the same
terabyte. That also means there's non disruptive upgrades both on the hardware and the soft and to your physicians. That's no more of those emails going out saying we're gonna be having to do some downtime maintenance on Sunday. And you know, with ransomware, we talked a lot about ransomware,
but what's really important here, especially when it comes to these Dycom archives myself. I spent the last decade and a half working in enterprise imaging, let it be supporting the packs environment, designing the packs environment or even for that matter mitigating in case there was the situation. So we know that it will happen. It's not.
So question about if will it happen? But no, it will happen. But when it happens, what's important is that we can restore fast, we can get the physicians access to this data quickly. We know that because of the data sets, it's hard to restore it fast because it's multiple small files.
So by using pure and by turning on a feature that comes for free with pure called safe mode and running this on Flash of Race specifically for these Dycom archives, we found that because Dycom archives are not continuously updating and changing a patient is once a Dycom images written and finalized to a PAX archive. It is a non modifiable record.
So therefore we found that our snapshots or safe mode snapshots are taken on these arrays. If we have an array that is about a petabyte, petabyte and a half, the snapshots are somewhere between a terabyte and a terabyte and a half, all of us are facing the issue of burnout. But in particular, when it happens at the clinician level, I think it's all of our jobs at the sea level all the
way down into the trenches of I T to address some of these issues that they're plagued with and all of us are played with it. But when you look at the history of enterprise imaging, the number of images is going up for study on average the file sizes getting larger, we went from, you know, two D mammo to three D mammo, just as an example, we're also interesting new use cases like digital pathology which are just exploding the
storage needs and the number of radiologists isn't quite necessarily going up in terms of new physicians entering the market. So how do we combat that again? That's where A I hope coming into this a little bit. But the way that Pierre can help is we can again assure you that you have a platform which addresses some of these issues of physician burnout.
Again, if our solution can just in any case, make you faster in any regard to being more productive during your day as a physician with less interruption, ideally, that means it's less stress, less anxiety as your workplace starts piling up for your cases during the day. And I think the key thing for us as humans is when we get overwhelmed,
we may end up missing things. And as a physician, when we miss things that may be something that could be life altering innovation. Um Those are those clinical areas that we don't want to make. So again, if you're can help alleviate some of those issues, that's really what we're after is driving the best physician satisfaction possible,
which we hope in turn directly benefits the patient care. So what if your storage was pure? Well, we do know from customers in the field that we've talked to after they replaced their incumbent storage for their packs with pure, they're looking on average about four times faster study in just And about 37% faster
study, open times. Now we've seen some extremes throughout this journey, but like I mentioned before, I spent a long time in this industry and in this industry where we chase after the time to first image and how to improve that for the clinicians and for the users of the packs to be able to see that to put in a platform that not only grows with the institution but also does not impact them with disruptions like
upgrades or forklift upgrades. Pure is the right solution for enterprise imaging and flash array is a great fit for this workload because not only do we have environments where pure runs the storage for the short term storage and the long term archive for the packs. But we also have environments where flash array will provide the infrastructure for the VMS
databases and the short term storage and the PACS archive. So my recommendation is take a look at pure for your enterprise imaging workloads. Thanks, Eric. We look forward to meeting you on the next call. Cheers.
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