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Evergreen Storage Program

Evergreen Storage delivers continuous improvements to keep your storage fresh, modern and agile, without effort. It’s a subscription to innovation, in your data centre.
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Unknown: Some things are meant to last. Your storage should be one of them. Say hello to the Evergreen storage program. Say goodbye to refreshes and revise, forget planned downtime, performance impact and data migrations. Forget forklift upgrades. evergreen storage starts with your agile storage
architecture and covers the entire lifecycle of the array from first purchase to ongoing use. And whenever it's time to modernize and grow, your satisfaction is covered. With an evergreen subscription you can get a full refund within 30 days for any reason. Our right size guarantee let you buy just the
storage you need. Never Too much never not enough. Your array software is all inclusive even future releases and features maintenance and support costs remain constant throughout the life of your array. Proactive expert support is a true White Glove experience. evergreen maintenance ensures availability
of any replacement components, meet the demands of your business and protect your investment. evergreen gold includes controller upgrades every three years and if something unplanned comes up, evergreen gold provides upgrade flex the leading Anytime Upgrade feature to upgrade controllers
whenever you need. As you expand. evergreen gold provides credits to consolidate storage with denser, more modern flash. evergreen is your subscription to continuous innovation for storage that last 10 years or more. Some things are meant to last make your storage one of them
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Evergreen Storage subscriptions deliver continuous improvements and innovations to keep your storage fresh, modern and agile. Like SaaS, it just keeps getting better, without downtime or impacting performance. From acquiring to managing to upgrading your storage, it delivers Evergreen value and peace of mind. It’s a subscription to innovation, in your data centre.

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