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The Cloud Economics of Evergreen//One

Customers are making the change to Evergreen//One as their storage subscription of choice for its unparalleled flexibility, clear per-unit pricing, and no surprises in the fine print.
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Why our customers making the change to Evergreen one. Mhm. Other vendors offering flexible consumption models will promise you the world. On the surface, it's just what you need. But then you notice the asterisk that dreaded fine print that turns just what you need into long term commitments,
disruptive upgrades and unpredictable costs. Pure storage launched Evergreen one to provide the flexibility to respond to your ever changing needs with clear per unit costs, no large upfront purchases and no asterisks. A usage based model should be simple, innovative and adapt with the changing market. Unlike other vendors,
Pure is offering exactly that with options for service tears and short term contracts in a single, unified subscription that allows you to improve your discounts over time. Pure makes sure you can grow and upgrade without ever taking your environment offline and without the constant worry of hidden costs, with complete billing transparency unlike any other, you only pay for what you use and pure. One helps you track and predict demand from day
to day, making sure you never outgrow your storage. So why our customers making the change to Evergreen One convenient solutions with unlimited potential without the dreaded fine print, it's as simple as that. Uh huh,
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