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Ampersand Helps Reach TV Viewers at Scale

Ampersand powers thousands of machine learning workloads and backs up critical data insights using Pure Cloud Block Store™.


Ampersand collects and parses aggregated TV viewership data insights across screens, running thousands of complex machine learning workloads to understand viewers and help clients reach audiences in more than 200 media markets. With Pure Storage®, Ampersand brings top performance to public and private clouds while securing and maintaining control over data.


  • Media and Entertainment


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Enable Multi-cloud
  • Modernize Data Protection



Ampersand's Journey to the Cloud
Learn how Ampersand has successfully connected its on-prem and cloud resources to drive agile, cost-effective and scalable hybrid cloud operations.


The on-premises legacy storage was costly to maintain and didn’t have the power to support Ampersand’s complex machine learning workloads. At the same time, Ampersand wanted to move backups and recovery to the cloud, but it needed a fast way to move data back and forth between the cloud.


Business Transformation

  • Supports a cloud-first strategy while maintaining full control of data
  • Reduces TCO and drives efficiencies by eliminating physical data center
  • Accelerates time to insights so advertisers can optimize TV campaigns

IT Transformation

  • Achieves seamless data mobility and replication from on-premises to cloud
  • Moves DR to the cloud to cut costs and achieves 5:1 mean data reduction
  • Migrates transactional databases to the cloud for faster throughput

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