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Cumulus VFX

Cumulus VFX Supports Demands of Global VFX Clients

VFX company uses Pure Storage® to create an integrated data storage platform that increases performance and uptime while minimizing carbon emissions.


Cumulus VFX needs enterprise-level data storage to meet the demands of global VFX studio clients. Pure Storage FlashBlade® supports the entire production environment with strong performance and high availability, allowing the studio to run massive VFX simulations more reliably.


  • Media and Entertainment


  • APAC

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications



Complex VFX simulations require large amounts of data. As Cumulus VFX grows, taking on more clients and more complicated demands, the company needs a high-performance data platform with high availability to keep up with simulations, and strong security to keep client information private.


Business Transformation

  • Supports company growth into a global VFX provider
  • Enables number of rendering artists from 20 to 60
  • Meets Cumulus' commitment to ESG practices through providing a green data centre

IT Transformation

  • Meets enterprise-level SLAs with global VFX studio clients
  • Achieves six-nines availability for less impact on massive simulations
  • Reduces physical footprint through higher density and performance


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