Pure and Zenuity

NTU Expands Supercomputing Power

NTU uses Pure Storage® FlashBlade® to power its world-class research computing facility to achieve at least a million IOPs and run up to eight workloads at a time.


NTU’s High Performance Computing Centre powers research for the university and its partners. Pure Storage FlashBlade provides the performance needed to process large data sets efficiently and support all types of research.


  • Education
  • State and Local Goverment


  • APJ

Use Cases

  • Activate Real-Time Analytics



Accelerating Genetic Research and New Discoveries
Even when researchers use high performance computing, it can take decades to complete scientific analysis. Watch how Pure Storage FlashBlade speeds new discoveries.

Pure Storage FlashBlade helps research teams at NTU accelerate research. The School of Biological Sciences undertook a project to analyze the genomes of 1,000 plant species. By running up to four jobs in parallel, the team crossed the project’s halfway mark in just 18 months.

Business Transformation

  • Able to support a wider range of projects with more complex requirements
  • Accelerate completion of projects and free up computing resources
  • Optimize use of rack space, with improved power and cooling efficiencies

IT Transformation

  • Able to efficiently support studies with significantly larger data sets
  • Drastically improved IOPs, with no more sleeping processors
  • Capable of parallel processing without stalling or compromises on speed

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