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Sylob Powers Scalable Cloud ERP with Portworx®

ERP software provider gives customers peace of mind with fast and reliable cloud storage.


Sylob’s ERP solutions are known for being very user-friendly. By moving to the cloud with Portworx storage, Sylob can deliver a stable and reliable environment for customer’s critical ERP data.


  • Technology


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Kubernetes



Sylob needed to keep downtime to a minimum, as interruptions can cause major losses for customers. With scalability and security demands growing, Sylob decided to transition to cloud-based ERP hosting.


Business Transformation

  • Attracts new business with stable and reliable cloud storage
  • Flexible cloud storage meets the needs of any ERP use case
  • Increases share of cloud solutions from 14% to 51% of sales in two years

IT Transformation

  • Accelerates time to resolve issues by cloning customer data into a support environment
  • Creates external and internal backups quickly for added security
  • Increases scalability to support rapid customer growth

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