Mississippi DOR converged infrastructure

TownNews Delivers Timely Content to Support Local Media

TownNews helps thousands of local news organizations find audiences in the digital age by using Pure Storage FlashBlade to help deliver billions of articles, images, and videos.


TownNews manages tens of billions of articles, photos, and videos for thousands of customers. Pure Storage FlashBlade provides a unified fast file and object platform that speeds up read-write times, improves reporting times, and allows TownNews to serve up the news faster for local media organizations.


  • Media & Entertainment


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Pure Storage® FlashBlade™



With Pure Storage FlashBlade, TownNews has the performance that it needs to support growing storage capacities and deliver billions of pieces of news to local new organizations.


Business Transformation

  • Positions TownNews as a leader in the fast-changing media industry
  • Helps local news outlets grow their readership through powerful data insights
  • Allows IT to drive innovation rather than managing storage

IT Transformation

  • Monthly storage usage reports run in 30 minutes instead of 45 days
  • 45% data reduction means a smaller footprint and lower overhead costs
  • Migration completed in 30 days instead of the expected 10 months

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