TrialStat Supports Life-changing Clinical Trials

TrialStat’s eClinical Suite relies upon Pure Storage® FlashArray™ for real-time data access and reporting—a competitive differentiator that helps bring medical treatments and devices to market faster.


TrialStat’s Unified eClinical Suite supports clinical trials for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical devices by helping to capture and analyze millions of records during each trial. With FlashArray//X, TrialStat software gains the speed and real-time data access that researchers need.


  • Healthcare & Life Sciences


  • North America & EMEA

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics



Clinical trial researchers collect and analyze huge quantities of data. Speed of access to data and real-time reporting are key differentiators for TrialStat’s Unified eClinical Suite. The company needs high-performance and reliable to storage to continue delivering the fast speeds the company is known for and improve services for customers, such as larger AI modeling.


Business Transformation

  • Supports company’s competitive differentiator–real-time data access 
  • Speeds clinical trial research with 300 times faster access to data
  • Enables always-on data management services for clinical trials

IT Transformation

  • Enables real-time reporting and analysis, speeding clinical trial results
  • Speeds trial analysis with data sets compiled and downloaded in 10-20 seconds versus 24 hours 
  • 11:1 data dedupe frees storage capacity for product development and lowers operational costs

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