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MSP Wipro Differentiates on Performance Reliability, Sustainability

When technology services and consulting company Wipro needed a transformative storage infrastructure for its client services, Wipro chose Pure Storage.


A leading technology services and consulting company, Wipro builds innovative, sustainable solutions with an infrastructure engineered as a service in a hybrid cloud ecosystem. With the simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency of Pure Storage® FlashArray//XL™, FlashStack, and Evergreen//Forever™, Wipro maximizes performance, reliability, and sustainability for its clients. Power, cooling, and space consumption fall by as much as 90%, reducing carbon footprint and moving toward net-zero goals.


  • Service Provider


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Enable Multi-cloud


Non-disruptive Upgrade and Workload Consolidation
Discover how FlashArray//XL has helped Dominos and Innovapost, serviced by Wipro, consolidate their workloads without compromising scale and performance.


MSP Wipro wanted to accelerate digital transformation for its clients by offering seamless migration to a modern storage infrastructure. To meet both performance and sustainability goals, Wipro needed to reduce the physical and energy consumption footprint without slowing mission-critical applications. To support business continuity, Wipro needed a way to stay current on upgrades without downtime and forklifts.


Business Transformation

  • Zero impact to mission-critical applications when transitioning storage
  • Upgrades without disruptions, even when moving to new hardware
  • Application recovery in minutes not hours
  • Supports sustainability with lower power, cooling, and space usage

IT Transformation

  • 60% faster IOPS performance and microsecond response times
  • More than 90% reduction in storage space, power costs, and cooling needs
  • 2-5x performance improvement in mission critical applications
  • Reduced recovery point from 4 hours to 10 minutes

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