Pure Storage Simplifies OpenStack Deployments

OpenStack-based solutions reduce complexities in deploying and operating private cloud environments

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — October 25, 2016 — Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor, today announced expanded support for OpenStack and new solution offerings to simplify OpenStack deployments.  Pure Storage provides block storage for OpenStack environments with a comprehensive Cinder driver and native replication and snapshot features.

As part of the company's ongoing mission to innovate and improve the speed and efficiency of OpenStack deployments, Pure Storage has developed solution offerings with other companies, including Cisco Systems and Breqwatr, Inc. These solutions ensure customers seeking to deploy cloud services no longer have to choose between future cloud deployments and today’s infrastructure. In fact, customers can easily deploy OpenStack today and be operational almost immediately.

To reduce the management complexity associated with OpenStack environments, Pure Storage and Cisco® now provide a managed OpenStack solution as part of Cisco Metacloud™ services. Cisco Metacloud with Pure Storage is a predictable, highly-available cloud platform for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Application-as-a-Service offerings.  Based on OpenStack, Metacloud with Pure Storage scales to thousands of application instances and integrates easily with existing tools via clearly defined, comprehensive APIs.

“As our relationship with Cisco grows, so does the trust Pure Storage customers place in our ability to deliver innovative solutions like Metacloud that provide reliable high performance infrastructure and improve operational efficiency,” said Matt Kixmoeller, VP of Product, Pure Storage. “By reducing the complexity involved in deploying and operating private cloud environments, Pure’s comprehensive support of OpenStack ensures large and mid-size organizations across a wide range of industries can operate faster, smarter and more cost-effectively.”

For customers seeking a pre-installed OpenStack environment delivered as a pre-integrated appliance, Pure Storage has also partnered with Breqwatr, Inc., to provide block storage as part of the Breqwatr Cloud System. Breqwatr Cloud System with Pure Storage brings the power of all-flash block storage to a turnkey Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that helps reduce the costs, complexities and risk associated with OpenStack private clouds.

Pure Storage is helping to reduce the complexity of OpenStack deployments and transform it into a production environment ready solution. Additional customer-focused benefits include:

  • Choice of deployment and consumption models – Now Pure Storage customers can choose from a range of OpenStack deployment models including appliance models, managed services offerings, and pre-deployment.
    Keep Operations In-house - The Pure Storage/Cisco collaboration allows organizations to keep services in-house, avoid the high cost of public cloud, and maintain security and control over operations.
  • Advanced Storage Features- Pure Storage’s replication and snapshot features are integrated with OpenStack and available at no additional cost.  These advanced features provide both flexibility and insurance by delivering unparalleled business continuity and remote data protection services.
  •  Unparalleled Service Reliability – Pure Storage FlashArray//m has a proven average of 99.9999 percent availability on deployed systems.  This industry-leading availability metric, which includes all planned and unplanned downtime, results in an average of 32 seconds of storage downtime per year. With Pure Storage, OpenStack services remain online and highly performance, even through upgrades, maintenance, and failure scenarios.

Pure Storage is exhibiting at The OpenStack Summit this week in Barcelona, Spain, from October 25-28, 2016. The event provides a forum for the developers, users and members of the OpenStack ecosystem to meet and exchange ideas.  Pure Storage is a member of the OpenStack Foundation, and Pure Storage employees contribute significantly to the OpenStack project, including membership on the Cinder core committee.

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About The OpenStack Foundation

The OpenStack Foundation promotes the development, distribution and adoption of the OpenStack cloud operating system. As the independent home for OpenStack, the Foundation is made of thousands of individual members from all over the world and hundreds of different organizations, secured more than USD 10 million in funding and is ready to fulfill the OpenStack mission of becoming the ubiquitous cloud computing platform. For more information, visit:

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG) helps companies push the boundaries of what’s possible. The company’s all-flash based technology, combined with its customer-friendly business model, drives business and IT transformation with Smart Storage that is effortless, efficient and evergreen. Pure Storage offers two flagship products: FlashArray//m, optimized for structured workloads, and FlashBlade, ideal for unstructured data. With Pure's industry leading Satmetrix-certified NPS score of 83.5, Pure customers are some of the happiest in the world, and include organizations of all sizes, across an ever-expanding range of industries.


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