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You’ve found the place where forward-thinking organizations move, put down roots, and never leave. Evergreen™ is the home of innovation, speed and sustainability. Here, the might of our all-flash technology grows competitive advantage so powerful it almost seems unfair. Ready to meet the residents and explore Evergreen?

Get Inside Their Competitive Advantage

See exactly how this racing champion's data requirements are just like yours.

Experience the Efficiency and Simplicity of All-flash

See how leaving legacy storage behind gave Toyota more time to develop its offerings.

Make Ground-breaking Progress in AI

See how FlashBlade and NVIDIA are helping Zenuity win the race to create safe autonomous vehicles.

Bring Private and Public Cloud Together

See how Causeway Capital Management makes better investment decisions with our FlashBlade data hub.


Turn Data Into Intelligence and Advantage

The new world of data presents opportunity - and challenge. Data shared when and where needed is the engine of value. Convert data to value with a modern data experience across people, places and clouds.

Optimize Everything Production

Accelerate your mission-critical apps, eliminate data silos, and shed all the complexity of legacy infrastructures. Build a modern data experience that delivers enterprise reliability and automation without compromising on innovation. Optimize your cloud environments with industry-leading automation, efficiency, and Evergreen® savings.

Empower DevOps Engineers

Speed time to market and drive developer productivity. Enable self-service and instantly accessible developer environments, turbo-charge concurrent builds, and ensure developers use the latest production data. Run modern DevOps, and the entire CI/CD pipeline, powered by VMs or containers – on an effortless, all-flash foundation.

Drive Tomorrow's Analytics, Today

Unlock hidden insights in your data, in real time, with massively parallel performance, rich data sets, and real-time data pipelines. Instead of 10s of disparate data silos, enable elastic scale and broad data sharing for everything: AI, machine learning, and other modern analytics approaches.

Pure Storage is a Leader in the Primary Storage Magic Quadrant

We are a Magic Quadrant Leader because of our ability to execute and our completeness of vision. Don’t take our word for it – Read the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage.

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