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Artificial Intelligence

Ready to thrive in the AI era?

Unlock the power of AI to innovate, optimize, and lead in your industry.

Embrace the AI opportunity—without compromise.

Future-proof AI infrastructure.
Take on ever-changing AI storage requirements with the flexible Pure Storage platform that adapts as swiftly as your ambitions. Innovate confidently, knowing your AI infrastructure will continuously evolve with no disruption to productivity and innovation.
Gain optionality for your AI workloads.
The Pure Storage platform delivers best in class, proven AI-ready infrastructure, expanding with future NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD-certified performance. Get a fast start with solutions tailored for financial services, healthcare, and generative AI (GenAI) RAG applications.
Accelerate everything in your AI data pipeline.
Simplify and accelerate every step of your AI workflow, from data processing to fine-tuning AI model training and inference. The Pure Storage platform effortlessly handles workload variability without adding new silos or complexity.
Explore Pure Storage and NVIDIA AI Workshop
Integrate mission-critical data with AI clusters.
Gain automated access to AI innovation without sacrificing security, independence, or control. Combine Kubernetes management, secure multi-tenancy, and policy governance tools, to integrate enterprise data and AI clusters.
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Partnering with the leaders of AI.

NVIDIA Technology Alliance

NVIDIA and Pure Storage deliver proven enterprise AI solutions.

Cisco Technology Alliance

Cisco and Pure Storage simplify infrastructure for efficient and accessible AI.

Explore AI trends and innovations.

Watch how AI can transform your business.

Powering AI at leading global organizations.

“From a combination of performance and power and cost, we ended up selecting Pure Storage.”
Vivek Pai AIRSC Storage Lead
Vivek Pai
AIRSC Storage Lead
Vivek Pai AIRSC Storage Lead
Vivek Pai
AIRSC Storage Lead
"Pure is simple. It works. If we need to scale, we can scale. The simplicity and the robustness of it works well for us."
Greg Johnston
Global Head Of Electronic Trading Services, JPMC
Greg Johnston
Global Head Of Electronic Trading Services, JPMC
Genomic sequencing workloads in minutes instead of days
Layered orange hexagons on a canvas colored background
“With the performance of Pure Storage FlashBlade, we’re paving the way for a better AI development environment that has helped many local companies achieve significant business results.”
Cheol-hong Kim
Digital Strategy, Team Leader, Chungbuk Technopark
Cheol-hong Kim
Digital Strategy, Team Leader, Chungbuk Technopark

Explore top AI infrastructure, applications and use cases.


The world’s most consistent data storage platform, ever.

Ditch long-term storage planning. Embrace simple, secure, storage-as-a-service.

Hear what analysts are saying about AI.

Browse key resources and activities for AI.

*NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD certification expected end of 2024

Explore AI related platform storage and capabilities.

What is AI storage?

AI storage is a storage infrastructure and solution that is designed and optimized to support the needs of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and AI development workflows. AI involves the processing of large datasets and the training of complex models, which requires substantial storage capacity, high-speed data access, and efficient data management.

People also ask:

1. What is generative AI?

Generative AI (GenAI) is the application of machine learning algorithms to large data sets to generate content, such as text, images, audio, and video. Popular GenAI tools include ChatGPT, DALL-E, Bard, and Midjourney.

2. What is retrieval-augmented generation (RAG)?

Retrieval-augmented generation optimizes the output of large language models (LLMs) by consulting an authoritative knowledge base outside of its original training data before generating a response, effectively extending its capabilities beyond its original training data. RAG is a cost-effective way to improve LLM outputs for specific domains, by leveraging an internal database of proprietary, custom data.

3. What are critical AI storage considerations?

The most important attribute for AI storage is performance agility. AI storage must have the ability to grow from a few hundred gigabytes to petabytes, perform well with rapidly changing mixed workloads, serve data to training and production clients simultaneously throughout a project’s life, and support the data models used by project tools. The additional attributes of an ideal AI storage solution are: capacity flexibility, availability and data durability, space and power efficiency, support for data models, security, and operational simplicity.

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