Healthcare Solutions Powered by Pure

Today, data is critical to delivering higher quality, integrated care. Pure Data-Centric Architecture is the key that enables organizations to achieve efficiencies of care delivery, lower costs, and an end to data silos and migrations.

Supercharge Your Data

Pure Data-Centric Architecture turns data into intelligence and advantage – radically enhancing every aspect of healthcare IT.

Always-Available Records

Get fast, available, and scalable Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). Enjoy consistent clinical-grade performance and resiliency alongside built-in data reduction, always-on encryption, and QoS, with no performance impact and no tuning. Scale as needed, non-disruptively. That’s Pure.

VDI at 100% Performance

Accelerate virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications with <1ms latency and proven 99.9999% FlashArray availability. Get all the data security of VDI without the performance problems common to traditional solutions. Then add data reduction that’s typically 2x better than the competition.

High-Powered IT

Pure Data-Centric Architecture is genomics and imaging ready. Leverage big data, complex data, and structured and unstructured data – and depend on all that data being highly available and resilient. Exceed your SLAs and drive higher customer and clinician satisfaction for less than the cost of disk. 

Pure Drives Enterprise Imaging

Healthcare organizations are seeing increasing demand from providers for medical imaging to be available in real-time, and on any device. Pure Storage all-flash solutions enable fast and concurrent delivery of imagery across a health system.

Drive Operational Efficiencies with Next-Gen EHR

Pure healthcare solutions drive productivity in EHR environments, enabling organizations to more efficiently share and use their data – and to make faster, better decisions based on real time, data-driven intelligence.

AI Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

From enterprise imaging to genomics research to population health analytics and more, machine learning tools are driving the next generation of patient care innovation. With Pure Storage solutions, you’re ready for what’s next.

Unlock the Value of Your Data

Managing more data than ever and still relying on an outdated storage infrastructure? See how a Pure Data Hub accelerates mission-critical applications, eliminates data silos, and removes
legacy storage complexities.

Save With Storage That’s Evergreen

Cloud-model all-flash storage doesn’t grow old. Like SaaS, our Evergreen™ Storage Subscription delivers all of our storage hardware and software innovations while you enjoy disruption-free performance as you grow and expand. No traditional storage re-purchase cycle, no TB re-buys, and no patient data migrations.