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Life Sciences

Power Life Sciences Innovation

Invigorate your path to precision medicine with a Modern Data Experience™. Accelerate research—and time to discovery—with life-sciences data solutions from Pure.

Keep Pace with the Growth of Clinical Data

The pace of life sciences research and commercialization has never been faster. And all that data is testing the limits of legacy storage. Don’t let the volume and complexity slow your innovation. Accelerate your data success with modern data solutions from Pure.

Speed Genomics Sequencing Analytics

Go from data to insights faster using FlashBlade® to scale and boost primary, secondary, and tertiary analytics. Simplify your workflow and regain efficiencies with a single, high-performance, cloud-ready platform.

Improve Imaging Efficiency 

Legacy infrastructure can’t keep pace with the exponential growth of life sciences imaging. Store, retrieve, and crunch high-resolution microscopy and digital pathology data with best-in-class storage and analytics solutions from Pure.

Discover Therapies Faster

Employ AI-driven modeling to speed discovery of drugs and vaccines with the massively parallel, all-flash performance of Pure FlashBlade. Get cloud-like simplicity and agility with consistent high performance and control.

Optimize Clinical Trials

Pure unifies hybrid and multicloud ecosystems, delivering effortless data and application mobility. Unlock clinical data silos to leverage cloud-based analytics to improve drug development success rates with help from Pure partnerships with leading cloud providers.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Achieve operational excellence in your supply chain and commercialization processes. Pure solutions simplify complex SAP and SAP HANA environments with streamlined migration and always-on data protection—reducing the time and cost of managing distributed SAP data centers.

Survival Kit
Can You Survive a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware attacks on life sciences companies are up by as much as 50% threatening data from clinical trials, drug manufacturing and commercial pricing. Protect your intellectual property, business, and reputation. Learn how Pure can speed your recovery and help you survive a ransomware attack.

Get Your Survival Kit
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What is life sciences data analytics?

Whether it’s in bioinformatics, genomics, or precision medicine, data sets in the life sciences industry are often large, unstructured, and complex. Life sciences data analytics is the practice of applying descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics techniques to raw data in the life sciences industry.

People also ask:

1. How can Pure optimize your genomics workflows?

The journey towards groundbreaking genomics discoveries is paved with big and fast data. FlashBlade lets you leverage the power of data at scale to quickly and efficiently carry your genomics workflows from sample collection to digitized genomes and exomes that can be leveraged for personalized care. FlashBlade has the high IOPS and bandwidth necessary to power your most demanding genomics workloads, including the infamously time-consuming, secondary analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) data.

2. What does Pure do for enterprise imaging storage and analytics?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the importance of securely storing and accessing millions of high-resolution medical images such as CTs, MRIs, and radiology images is not to be understated. Advantages of supporting your enterprise imaging workloads with Pure Storage all-flash arrays include:

  • High-bandwidth and low-latency performance of NVMe storage
  • Consolidation into a unified, performant data hub that can handle high-throughput data streaming from a variety of sources
  • Truly non-disruptive Evergreen//Forever™ upgrades with zero downtime or data migrations
  • A simplified data management system that combines cloud economics with on-premises control and efficiency
  • Fast and efficient scale-out flash storage with FlashBlade

3. How can I streamline my supply chain management (SCM) processes with Pure and SAP?

The typical life sciences supply chain must deal with a complex mix of regulatory and technology challenges. As a result, analytics data workloads in the life sciences industry can be large and multidimensional.

SAP HANA is a popular high-performance in-memory database for powering data-driven supply chains that depend on fast real-time analytics for decisions and actions.

Pure Storage FlashStack combines compute, network, and storage to provide a modern infrastructure platform for business-critical applications like supply chain management (SCM).

Together, SAP HANA running on FlashStack can provide the easy-to-deploy integrated storage solution you need to support an agile enterprise SCM system.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“There’s no point in playing with traditional storage because it’s just not fast enough. With Pure Storage FlashBlade, we can stay ahead of the curve as we fight global threats to human health.”

Andrew G. McArthur
Ph.D., Principal Investigator, McMaster University

“We can help [patients] get the proper drugs at the right time—all based on machine learning and AI, built on Pure Storage and NVIDIA.”

Dr. Thomas Fuchs
Founder and Chief Science Officer, Paigeai


Streamline your supply chain to reduce costs, increase performance, and improve business continuity.

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