Drive Enterprise Imaging Efficiency

Providers today need access to more images, across the health system, in high resolution, on all device types, without disruptions. With enterprise imaging powered by Pure, you can meet that demand – and drive productivity and innovation across the organization.

Demand High Performance

From analytics to radiomics, modern healthcare providers are increasingly adopting advanced imaging technologies to diagnose and drive better outcomes for patients. To keep pace, healthcare IT leaders look for petabyte-scale flash storage solutions capable of delivering optimal response times and a fast, seamless flow of data.

All-Flash Storage for Enterprise Medical Imaging

All-Flash Infrastructure Eliminates Imaging Delays

Pure Storage offers an all-flash solution for enterprise imaging. Capable of handling tens of thousands of concurrent requests, Pure makes fast delivery of imaging easy and reliable.

FlashBlade Accelerates Image Delivery Without Delays

Accelerating Availability

Pure FlashArray makes every image available, across the health system, at the velocity of care. Boost radiologist productivity while growing enterprise imaging capabilities and extending to serve additional departments with consistent performance and high availability.

Real Time Image Analysis

Remove limits on innovation. The Pure FlashBlade™ array has the bandwidth, capacity, and performance needed to support technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and radiomics. Your researchers, radiologists, and data scientists can power today’s projects and bring future innovations to market.

Universal Access

Make tools like 3D rendering available anytime, on any device, with all-flash performance. Physicians and patients across the health system and in the community have access to images on demand – making clinical decision-making more efficient, and improving quality of care.

“All flash storage will help change how clinicians practice because they will have faster access to health information and clinical insights than ever before at the point of clinical decision making.”
Lynne Dunbrack
Research Vice President, IDC Health Insights

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