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Unified Block & File Storage

Enterprise performance, reliability, and scale to power all your critical business services. Pure Storage has been named A Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage.



Key Product Highlights
Enterprise strength and scale without the complexity
Run everything from massive databases to cloud-native applications, with services always available and data always protected. Designed to be as easy to use as it is powerful, FlashArray//XL™ gives your business the freedom to innovate without storage as a constraint.
Key Product Highlights
Up to 36GB/s throughput
  • Most-demanding critical applications
  • Extreme workload consolidation
  • Large-scale virtualized environments
Next-gen performance for mission-critical workloads
Unified block and file storage designed to deliver breakthrough performance. With FlashArray//X™, accelerate everything from Tier 1 databases to large-scale virtualized and cloud-native apps, with a non-disruptive upgrade path.
Key Product Highlights
As low as 250us latency
  • Business-critical applications
  • Workload consolidation
  • Virtualized environments
FlashArray//C™, the world's first enterprise-grade all-QLC flash storage, now tackles even more business-critical applications that don't require sub-millisecond latency. Perfect for your operational databases, workload consolidation, BCDR, and file workloads.
Key Product Highlights
Up to 9PB effective capacity
  • Operational workloads and data
  • Large-scale capacity
  • Backup and replication
Benefits of all-flash. Better economics than disk.

Say goodbye to the last hard drives in your data center. FlashArray//E™ delivers the simplicity and efficiency of flash for all your file and block data repositories, from content libraries to backup sets to active archives.

Key Product Highlights
80% less energy. 60% less cost.
  • Active data archives
  • File repositories
  • Data protection
  • Video and image content libraries
Pure Cloud Block Store
Optimize your storage spend without feature tradeoffs

Public cloud basic infrastructure with enterprise-grade data services. Pure Cloud Block Store volumes can dramatically reduce costs with Pure’s industry leading data reduction (DRR). Best of all, all of the data protection features of Purity like SafeMode Snapshots are included, ensuring you can deploy on the cloud without compromising on features and functionality.

Key Product Highlights
Up to 50% less cost
  • Copy data management-heavy applications
  • Cloud Block Store cost optimization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Dev/Test
A Better Storage Experience
While other vendors focused on horsepower and vanity metrics, we built a better data platform that provides real customer value, better customer experience, and true business impact.

Use Cases

Mission-critical Applications

Get top-tier performance and maximum efficiency for your most demanding workloads and most intense consolidation efforts, without the headaches of legacy storage.

Business-critical Operations

Power your critical business services on a truly unified block and file storage platform with enterprise performance, reliability, and availability.

Ransomware-savvy Data Protection

Recover quickly and fully from ransomware attacks by blocking cyber criminals from destroying your critical recovery data, even if they gain admin credentials.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Achieve new levels of data availability across racks, data centers, metro regions, and the globe with built-in replication options available at no additional cost.

DevOps Environments

Empower your developers with quick-to-deploy self-service dev environments to accelerate your organization’s pace of innovation and business growth.

Data Repositories

Say goodbye to the last hard drives in your data center with the simplicity and efficiency of all-flash for data repositories, now available at the same upfront purchase cost of disk, but with 40% lower TCO over six years.

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The First Truly Unified Block and File Platform

It’s time to reinvent legacy multi-protocol.

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“Pure has had a revolutionary impact on the business, completely changing our mindset and how the cloud infrastructure team functions.”

Keith Martin
Senior Director, Cloud Capacity Engineering, ServiceNow
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“Our goal was to switch to Pure without anyone noticing. We achieved this in spades, gaining unprecedented performance, resiliency, and visibility. Frankly, managing storage has never been easier, and the business is better for it.”

Jeff Bethke
Vice President of IT Infrastructure Services, SiriusXM

What is NVMe Storage?

NVMe (non-volatile memory express) is a transfer protocol for accessing data from flash memory storage devices more quickly than with legacy protocols, such as SCSI. Developed specifically for all-flash storage, NVMe uses parallel, low-latency data paths to speed performance within the back-end of flash arrays and eliminate SCSI bottlenecks. It's geared for enterprise workloads that require top performance, such as online trading platforms, real-time data analytics, and other latency-sensitive workloads.

People also ask:

1. Which storage is best for high-performance applications?

Highly demanding applications, such as large databases with heavy user loads, require storage with high performance: high throughput to move large volumes of data concurrently and low latency to respond to requests quickly even as user demand spikes. All-flash NVMe storage provides consistent high performance, with less dense flash media generally offering higher performance. When intelligently managed by a storage operating system designed for all-flash, the performance and reliability of TLC-based NVMe storage can be boosted to support even the most-demanding enterprise applications.

2. Which storage is best for operational (tier-2) workloads?

Not every business service, even in large enterprises, requires the highest performance storage. For many data services, from less-critical operational workloads to backup repositories to content repositories, solid performance and high capacity with a low TCO is more important than blazing-fast performance. All-flash NVMe storage, built with QLC media, can support these business applications, provided it’s optimized by system software. This ensures its durability, reliability, and performance. The lower price point of QLC storage can make all-flash accessible for any workload and renders hybrid arrays obsolete.

3. What are the differences: QLC vs. SLC vs. MLC vs. TLC?

QLC flash is the latest in a long trend of squeezing more bits per cell within a NAND flash device. Here’s a brief overview of how the technology has evolved over time:

  • Single-level cell (SLC) flash: One bit per cell, two possible voltage states

  • Multi-level cell (MLC) flash: Two bits per cell, four possible voltage states

  • Triple-level cell (TLC) flash: Three bits per cell, eight possible voltage states

  • Quad-level cell (QLC) flash: Four bits per cell, 16 possible voltage states

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