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Pure Protect™ //DRaaS

On-Demand Disaster Recovery as a Service

Simple. Cost-effective. Right-Sized. Native cloud DR for VMware.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service without the Compromises

Pure Protect™ //DRaaS removes the roadblocks associated with other traditional and hybrid-cloud disaster recovery solutions.

When All Else Fails, Pure Protect //DRaaS Is Your Safety Net

Pure Protect //DRaaS enhances your incident response strategy and compliments your backups, snapshots, and replication, giving you an extra recovery site for unmatched resilience.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Be prepared when ransomware strikes with multiple recovery time points to bring up a clean copy of your VMs while your data center is locked down for investigation.

Recover Anywhere

You’re not bound to limited options for recovery sites. Leverage the global network of AWS availability zones to recover your virtual machines.

Disaster Recovery Testing That’s Non-disruptive

Perform testing in an isolated environment allowing you to identify blind spots without risk to your production systems. Pure Protect //DRaaS also allows you to scale down your VMs for testing, saving you even more.

What is Pure Protect //DRaaS?

Pure Protect //DRaaS offers on-demand disaster recovery of your VMware VMs to native AWS EC2 instances. By providing just in time provisioning of your recovery VMs, you can drastically reduce the cost and complexity associated with other disaster recovery solutions.

People also ask:

1. How does Pure Protect //DRaaS keep my data safe?

We only store VM metadata on our Pure1®cloud. All the data is kept in customer’s on-premises VM appliance and AWS account.

2. My VMware VMs are stored on another vendor’s storage. Can I still use Pure Protect?

Yes! Pure Protect leverages VMware’s vStorage APIs for data protection (VADP) and is completely agnostic of the underlying storage hardware.

3. Is Pure Protect //DRaaS a fully managed service?

Pure Protect //DRaaS provides orchestration for disaster recovery service, leveraging your AWS organization for failover and storage. You will also need to deploy a vm appliance on-premises which will be managed from Pure Protect //DRaaS. You need to still manage your AWS account and any costs incurred while using Pure Protect //DRaaS service.

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