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Enterprise-grade QLC delivers where hybrid can’t. Get NVMe performance, hyper-consolidation, and simplified management.


From entry-level to enterprise applications, accelerate business results with your most critical data.


Gain enterprise-grade performance without enterprise complexity with Pure’s NVMe storage array solution.


Benefits of All-flash. Better economics than disk.


FlashBlade//S is the only scale-out storage platform that efficiently powers your modern unstructured data needs—delivering cutting-edge capabilities without growing complexity.


FlashStack combines compute, network, and storage to provide a modern infrastructure platform.


Simplify AI deployment and scale quickly and easily, enabling your data teams to focus on delivering insights, instead of managing IT.



Shift to a consumption-based storage model with Evergreen//One—a fully flexible enterprise-grade storage subscription service.


Get a subscription that provides flexibility to respond to changes in demand and use. Increase your storage agility and maximize ROI on capacity usage with lower upfront costs.


Gain the advantage of Evergreen//Forever—Pure’s subscription model that delivers seamless, rapid upgrades and expansion, without disruption.



Experience self-driving storage with full-stack, AI-powered data-storage management and monitoring.

Purity Operating Environment

Make every bit of your organization's data available—in the most insightful way possible—so you can take informed action.

FlashArray™ File Services

The first truly unified block and file platform.

Pure Fusion™

Bring the simplicity of the cloud operating model anywhere with on-demand consumption and back-end provisioning.

Portworx® by Pure Storage

Portworx® powers cloud-native apps with the most complete Kubernetes Data Services.

Pure Cloud Block Store™

Benefit from Pure Cloud Block Store with seamless data mobility, resilience, and a consistent experience—no matter where your data lives.


Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity®

Meet stringent backup and recovery SLAs with Pure FlashRecover, Powered by Cohesity and defend backup data wherever it resides, while getting the most value from it.

What is an all-flash array?

An all-flash array (AFA) is a storage infrastructure that contains flash memory drives instead of spinning-disk drives. All-flash storage is also referred to as a solid-state array (SSA). AFAs and SSAs offer speed, performance, and agility for your business applications.

People also ask:

1. Where do all-flash arrays fit into the world of data storage?

For much of modern history, data centers have been dominated by hard-disk drive (HDD) technologies configured as network-attached storage (NAS) and/or storage area networks (SANs). 

With the advent of solid-state drives (SSDs), data storage companies started offering expensive high-performance flash memory solutions for Tier 0 and Tier 1 data applications. The lack of spinning disks means solid-state drives are orders of magnitude faster than traditional technologies.

Thanks to Moore’s Law, flash storage continued to become more cost-effective, making the all-flash versions of NAS devices and SANs economically feasible.


2. What are the benefits of bringing all-flash memory to the data center?

As you might guess, simply switching out your HDDs with SSDs is enough to increase the speed and performance of your NAS and SAN solutions. The benefits of an all-flash array are the same as the benefits of flash memory itself.

3. All-flash arrays vs. hybrid storage arrays vs. HDD arrays

Generally speaking, all-flash arrays are the fastest and most performant. These are followed by hybrid arrays which use a combination of flash and HDD within the same storage array. While not as fast as all-flash arrays, cheaper HDD racks may be used to add capacity when performance isn’t needed. Traditional arrays are the slowest.

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