Pure and Zenuity

MSP Open Line Paves a Path to the Cloud

Open Line gains flexibility, scalability, and speed using Evergreen//One™ (formerly Pure as-a-Service) to meet changing customer demand.


As a managed service provider supporting midsize organizations, Pure partner Open Line aims to respond faster to customers’ needs and help customers to move into the cloud. With Evergreen//One, Open Line reduces costs, provides faster responsiveness to customers, and can act as a reliable partner for customers moving to the cloud.


  • Service Provider


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Cloud
  • Accelerate Core Applications



With Evergreen//One, Open Line has the flexibility, scalability, and speed that it needs to scale up capacity and performance for customers as needed. Pure as-a-Service also allows Open Line to reduce costs and focus more resources on helping customers succeed.

Business Transformation

  • Responds faster to customer demands, with new VMs deployed in 10 minutes
  • Aligns costs with customer demand by only paying for what customers use
  • Support more customers as they move applications into the cloud

IT Transformation

  • Saves up to 90 days of IT work per year with non-disruptive upgrades
  • Eliminates need for storage planning to accommodate shifting customer workloads
  • Achieves same performance with 16 fewer racks, lowering power and licensing costs

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