Pure Storage and WorkPac

WorkPac Recruits All-Flash to Support Rapid Business Growth and Expansion

Human resources organization considers artificial intelligence applications to accelerate business processes and increase data accuracy, productivity and efficiency.


WorkPac Group, after deploying Pure Storage, has seen a reduction from 150 minutes to 20 minutes in the time it takes to backup databases. The move to an all-flash environment saw it retire every spinning disk within the data center. Its CRM now loads in seconds and as a result of the improved performance, the IT team are receiving fewer requests to troubleshoot.


  • Human Resources


  • Australia

Use Cases

  • Storage-intensive bespoke applications
  • Backup windows


WorkPac operates an extensive internal software stack which is running the main line of business applications such as CRM and payroll. After experiencing a 50% increase in the number of contractors on its books, storage challenges were inevitable. 

  • WorkPac’s previous storage solution was unable to support a  40% increase in business uplift across the enterprise.
  • Storage infrastructure was approaching the end of its life cycle.


Business Transformation

Across the enterprise, user satisfaction is up, and the IT team has been freed up to focus on higher value tasks. The success of the deployment has led to the business considering artificial intelligence applications to accelerate business processes and increase data accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

IT Transformation

  • Migration from spinning disk to an all-flash environment took less than two weeks.
  • The time required to back-up databases reduced from 150 minutes to 20 minutes (7.5x shorter backup windows).
  • CRM dashboard load times reduced from 30 seconds to a handful.

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