What is SAP HANA on Demand?

SAP® is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP software provides end-to-end solutions for finance, logistics, distribution, and inventories.

Deploying SAP on traditional storage often leads to complex, inefficient, and costly operational models. Many existing storage solutions are based on old, slow and inefficient disk storage, or on non-optimized hybrid storage systems, and mostly deployed in silos. The resulting architectures are too expensive, suffer from poor performance and/or have significant downtime windows – making them unsuitable for the consolidation of business-critical applications and databases. On the other hand, running business-critical applications and databases on all-flash storage provides an immediate and powerful performance transformation for traditional SAP and SAP HANA. In addition, SAP users also get the ability to run various mixed workloads on the same infrastructure, which breaks down silo barriers while introducing a whole host of operational, management and disaster recovery benefits. These benefits will ultimately transform IT and modernize SAP through reduced risk and cost, and greater resources for innovation.