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Adding Resiliency & Performance to MEDITECH

This webinar will focus on the advantages of working with trusted partners like Commvault, Pure and Cisco to help leverage infrastructure that will improve the experience for your MEDITECH users. All leaders in MEDITECH infrastructure innovation should attend!

Hospital IT departments today are stretched thin and resources are constrained as reimbursement declines and healthcare provider business models shift. Patient, IT staff and clinicians are all demanding more: more engagement for patients and providers, better user experiences on more devices, and faster response times for more apps, more databases and exponentially more analytics.

In this webinar you will learn how hospitals running MEDITECH as their primary EHR can:

  • Leverage infrastructure and improve end user performance
  • Ensure data security with always-on encryption and resilient design
  • Add agility to bring new apps and capabilities to users quickly, with rapid provisioning of infrastructure
  • Make IT more efficient through the use of simple yet elegant management tools and an all-flash environment with no spinning disk!

Chad Skidmore

Director of Network Services, Engage

David Bova

Senior Product Specialist, Healthcare, Commvault

Jim Thyne

Systems Engineer - MEDITECH, Pure Storage

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