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Virtual Workshop: Why You Need to Consider Moving to vVols when Upgrading to vSphere 7 or 8 with Pure Storage

Attend this webinar to learn more about vVols and how they can benefit you, as you upgrade to vSphere 7 or 8.
This webinar first aired on 2023/01/10
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Bill Oyler

Principal Consultant, Software-Defined Data Center Team at Presidio

Alex Carver

Sr. Solutions Engineer, Pure Storage

Bill Oyler, Principal Consultant at Presidio, and Alex Carver, Senior Solutions Engineer at Pure Storage discuss why enterprises need to consider deploying vVols and their benefits vs. VMFS when upgrading to vSphere 7 or 8. vVols provide application granular storage for VMware/storage admins and application owners that add benefits and capabilities that VMFS datastores simply cannot provide.

Over the course of this workshop, Presidio and Pure Storage will provide an overview of vVols, the increased capabilities and efficiencies they provide to admins/ application owners and will also discuss some exciting new features being jointly developed that are right around the corner and the significant investment being made by VMware in vVol technology.

Attend this webinar to learn more about vVols and how they can benefit you, as you upgrade to vSphere 7 or 8.

Eligible Participants who register for and attend the Event will receive one Apple AirPods Pro (approx. value $200).

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