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Toss Bank

Toss Bank Drives Financial Services with FlashArray™

When this fast-growing internet-only bank needed to scale storage volumes independent of servers to rapidly retrieve and analyze financial transactions, Toss Bank chose Pure Storage®.


The third internet-only bank founded in South Korea, Toss Bank provides financial services supported by the latest IT infrastructure. Growing rapidly, the company introduced Pure Storage to improve storage performance, scalability, and availability for rapid financial transaction analysis. The bank handles a massive load of 9,000 transactions per second, relying on FlashArray//X for high write throughput and ultra-low latency, and saving an estimated $485,000.


  • Financial Services


  • Asia Pacific

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics



Toss Bank needed a way to support more than a petabyte of Elasticsearch data nodes and associated high write performance requirements without adding cost and management load. Legacy systems struggled to perform when processing the thousands of financial transaction logs per second, and the IT team spent too much time managing and maintaining the environment.


Business Transformation

  • Supports strong and sustained financial transaction data growth 
  • Provides customers with reliable financial services available at any time
  • Decreases data center footprint and power costs, and minimizes storage staffing

IT Transformation

  • Reduces storage needs by up to 83% with data deduplication and compression
  • Shortens data replication time by 99%, from up to 4 hours to less than 1 minute
  • Prevents performance issues with automated monitoring and alerts from Pure1

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