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Anatomy of a PowerMAX Killer: An Insider’s Look at the New FlashArray//XL

Join us for a deep dive into how our hottest FlashArray platform was designed from the chassis up for the most demanding enterprise applications.
This webinar first aired on 17 de marzo de 2022
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Janet Lafleur

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Pure Storage

Eugene Glik

Technical Marketing Engineer, Pure Storage

Join us for a deep dive into how our hottest FlashArray platform was designed from the chassis up for the most demanding enterprise applications.

How did our architects boost FlashArray//XL performance up to 70% to challenge legacy storage heavyweights? And how did they pack all that power and capacity into a compact, efficient 5U?

Attend this product tour where we’ll share:

  • The critical design features that make //XL a powerhouse
  • Performance testing results for key solutions like Oracle and SQL Server
  • Top three use cases customers are tackling with //XL
  • How to replace your aging “big iron” storage with a winner

We look forward to having you join Pure Storage for this exciting webinar!


Participants who attend and participate in the Event will be entered into a random drawing that will be conducted during or after the Event. The winner of the random drawing will receive one (1) HomeLabs Air Purifier (approx. value $120). The winning Participant will be identified during the Event or within a reasonable amount of time after the Event.

Be one of the first 200 to register and attend, we will send you a $10 gift card for lunch of your choice.
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Trabaje en un entorno de autoservicio para experimentar la administración de Pure FlashArray//XL. Explore funciones avanzadas, como snapshots, replicación, ActiveCluster™ e incluso la integración con VMware.

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