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Thriving in EMEA with All-Flash Technology

As Pure expands its suite of solutions supporting data-centric architectures, we’re leading the charge for rapid adoption in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)—our best-performing region in four of the last six quarters. We asked EMEA team members to share their perspective about being part of the Pure team.

"I came here to learn, but I didn’t realize it would happen as quickly as it did. The culture enables people who come in with a growth mindset."

Why did you decide to join Pure?

Alex Lambert, system engineer: The technology is the best in the market. It was an opportunity to take my career to the next level. I’d worked for a competitor for four years and learned a lot, but I was stagnant in my role. Joining Pure gave me a chance to grow and gain confidence, which I got in spades.

Harjyot Sihera, marketing programs manager, global accounts: One of the big draws for me was the team’s ambition around account-based marketing. But I joined for the people, too. Early on, I remember thinking, “Is this for real?” It sounded too good to be true, but the people here are incredibly skilled and so nice.

Joe Lewendon, southern EMEA recruitment manager: Pure is the real deal. I first started working with the company as an outside recruiting agent. In that position, I saw first-hand where the best people were going—it was to Pure. Great people attract other great people. I was so inspired by the team here. It was an honor to join full-time.

What are the opportunities for career growth at Pure?

Alex: I came here to learn, but I didn’t realize it would happen as quickly as it did. The culture enables people who come in with a growth mindset. We have a program called Elevate where you learn critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the power of introspection, self-awareness, and empathy. After I went through it, I realized I wanted to pursue management as my next step, and I transitioned into a team-leader role.

Marika Lilla, account executive for financial services: I joined as a systems engineer and moved into the account executive role a few months ago. I was able to move up quickly in part because I’ve had support from every level and team. Our CTO has happily agreed to meet with potential customers several times to help me close sales.

Joe: I’ve seen so many people like Alex and Marika promoted or move into new areas. We bring scalable people into a scalable business. We’re in a stable place as a company, but there are still so many untapped opportunities where you can come in and contribute beyond your original role.

Tell us about some ways you’ve made an impact here.

Alex: Four years ago, we lost a potential customer in part because they felt like Pure wasn’t mature enough. They were looking for things like user groups and forums—a community presence. We pioneered a brand-new digital platform to roll out a U.K. user group. Being able to kickstart that initiative showed me that the company will back you if you have a good idea.

Harjyot: I’ve only been here a few months, but I already feel like I’m making a real contribution. The team laid a foundation for account-based marketing and I get to run with it and build upon it. It’s exciting to have seasoned professionals asking for my advice. We all have great respect for one another.

Joe: We not only get opportunities to make a difference, but we’re recognized for our contributions. When we decided to launch a new support team in Dublin, we had to hire at least 10 people before it could open. I teamed with a handful of colleagues and we made it happen together. Recognition can come in many forms.

Why is this an exciting time to join the team?

Alex: We’ve been innovators from day one. Pure was and continues to be a disruptive technology. We’ve always led the way and had a lot of firsts. Now we’re moving into the next wave as an entire data platform. This new level of growth comes with a different set of challenges, but it’s a nice problem to have. There’s so much happening that someone new can be a part of Pure, even more than when we first came to market.

Joe: It’s especially exciting to be at Pure in EMEA right now. We’re getting results and doubling our addressable market. The work we’re doing here is driving a lot of the strategy for all of Pure. As Alex said, I think we’re just getting started. We’ve opened up new markets, but we’re not satisfied. It never gets stale and it’s never boring. It’s like a new company every year.

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