AIRI Mini Supporting Quotes


“Organizations around the globe are driving to become digital businesses leveraging their data as the most critical asset, so it’s exciting to see the continued evolution of data storage and artificial intelligence to support this,” said Lynn Lucas, CMO, Cohesity. “It’s a natural complement to Cohesity’s integration with FlashArray and FlashBlade, delivering confidence that organizations can use Google-like search, enterprise-class data protection, and instant recovery of their most critical resource, their data.”


“ePlus is very excited about the announcement of AIRI Mini and support of Cisco Nexus 9K for use in the AIRI family," said Zeki Yasar, Director of Emerging Technology, ePlus. "We believe the ability to start small without worrying about scaling as demands increase, will make accelerated training accessible to more organizations looking to quickly innovate with Deep Learning. The inclusion of Cisco Nexus 9K, provides flexibility and will be welcome news to those who are invested in industry leading Nexus technology."


Groupware Technology
"AI is here and our customers want to know how to make their data work for their businesses,” said Ed Horley, Vice President of Engineering, Groupware Technology. “The AIRI Mini is revolutionary and will allow businesses of any size to set up the infrastructure needed to start an AI initiative. Pure Storage is a valuable and innovative company that keeps opening up new opportunities for us."


“We partnered with Pure under a year ago with the common goal of super charging high performance computing environments for our customers. The launch of AIRI earlier this year was a key innovation milestone in delivering this to large enterprises,” stated Jérôme Bélan, EMEA CEO at PNY Technologies. “Today’s launch of AIRI Mini takes this one step further – we are making the competitive advantages of AI accessible to organisations of all sizes and budgets. The combination of FlashBlade with NVIDIA’s DGX-1 delivers an incredibly powerful solution to speed up deployments at scale, enabling AI problem solving approaches to be significantly simplified and infinitely more accessible to all. PNY is happy to support Value Added Resellers across Europe to push the AIRI solution. We are convinced AIRI Mini will simplify the adoption of this ready-to-scale masterpiece and futureproof AI framework.”


Igneous Systems
“We’ve appreciated the opportunity to work in higher volume AIRI environments today and look forward to delivering the value of scale-out repositories for applications requiring smaller active workloads,” said Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO, Igneous Systems. “The combination of AIRI Mini and Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud provides the solution to efficient and reliable management machine learning workloads of any size.”


“We are very excited about the new AIRI Mini release, as it provides a converged, fully integrated AI platform at an attractive price point. This will allow our enterprise and government customers across the APJ region to derive value and obtain actionable insights from their AI initiatives,” said Dragan Dimitrovici, Founder and CEO, XENON. “Our professional services and expertise will enable rapid and reliable integration of the AIRI platform with our customers' infrastructure and AI/ML/DL applications.”

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