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Adistec & Pure

Adistec’s Services Help Latin America Flex its Cloud Muscle

Racing to become the best value-added MSP in Latin America, Adistec needed high performance, reliable, consumption-based storage that protects data against loss and saves energy costs, and the clear choice was Pure Storage®.


Both an IT distributor and managed services provider (MSP) in Latin America, Adistec is known for delivering value-adding support and on the ground resources. With many businesses in the region moving to the cloud, Adistec helps its clients on their journey by allowing them to migrate at their own pace while benefiting from unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and data protection provided by Pure Storage Evergreen//Flex™.


  • Service Provider


  • Latin America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Modernize Data Protection



To fulfill its mission to become the leading MSP in Latin America, Adistec had to overcome several serious issues. Its legacy storage was too slow and unreliable to support client workloads, could not support cloud services, and caused service outages. At the same time, rising ransomware threats set expectations for data protection and restoration that its storage system could not meet.


Business Transformation

  • Pays only for the capacity needed while cutting hardware costs up to 80%
  • Smaller infrastructure footprint reduces the burden of storage management
  • Accelerates ransomware and rapid disaster recovery with immutable snapshots

IT Transformation

  • Gains complete flexibility in how it consumes and sells cloud storage
  • Slashes data recovery time from weeks to minutes with immutable snapshots
  • Improves data reduction, shrinks data center footprint, and saves energy costs

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