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What Is High Capacity Storage

What Is High Capacity Storage

What Is High-capacity Storage?

From small offices to large enterprises, the act of setting up a local storage solution is often a balancing act between cost, capacity, and performance. High-capacity storage is data storage optimised for cost per capacity ($/GB).

High-capacity storage solutions are designed to accommodate Tier 2 workloads (or higher), such as virtual machines, backups, email, and test/dev environments.

The Benefits of High-capacity Storage

The benefits of deploying your own high-capacity storage solution include:

  • Reduced storage costs
  • The ability to hyper consolidate large volumes of data
  • The flexibility to optimise storage costs by storage tier
  • Optimal storage capacity and performance for Tier 2 workloads

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High-capacity Storage Use Cases

High-capacity storage is best used for Tier 2 applications, such as:

  • Disaster recovery for Tier 2 apps
  • Backups, snapshots, and mirroring
  • Multi-cloud test/dev workload consolidation
  • Policy-based VM-tiering

Why Choose FlashArray//C for High-capacity Storage?

While previously you had to rely on hybrid storage solutions to get the most capacity for your money, advances in flash memory and data deduplication have allowed all-flash storage area networks (SANs) to deliver affordable high-capacity storage with the advantages of flash memory.

Pure Storage® FlashArray//C is a 100% NVMe all-flash SAN designed to deliver NVMe performance at hybrid economics. With FlashArray//C, you get:

  • Petabytes of storage capacity within a tiny, three-, six-, or nine-rack unit
  • Improved TCO over traditional hybrid storage solutions
  • Data-reduced end-to-end encryption and global flash management with Purity
  • Cloud-based storage management with Pure1®
  • Non-disruptive upgrades with Evergreen™ Storage

One box, 30-minute installation with no manual required (with available Pure Professional Services or partner installation)

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