AIRI™ Authorized Partners

Supporting Quotes for AIRI:


“ePlus is excited to be a part of the launch of the first complete AI-Ready Infrastructure AIRI, from Pure Storage and powered by NVIDIA, which provides a platform that our customers have been seeking. It allows us to combine our years of expertise and leadership in Converged Infrastructure systems with our professional services capabilities to accelerate their adoption of AI and maximize their potential,” said Zeki Yasar, Director of Emerging Technology at ePlus. “Partners like NVIDIA and Pure Storage are packaging and optimizing the most innovative Deep Learning software tools with state-of-the art GPU and Flash technologies to deliver AI solutions that make Deep Learning practical, improving stability and performance, while reducing operational complexity so that infrastructure does not become a distraction from an organization’s AI goals.”


“As the first complete AI-ready infrastructure, AIRI promises to deliver on simplicity, maximum performance, increased productivity and faster time to market,” said VP of Engineering for Groupware, Ed Horley. “Architected by Pure and NVIDIA to extend the power of NVIDIA’s DGX systems, this infrastructure innovation will enable AI-at-scale for every enterprise. We are thrilled and excited to be an authorized AIRI reseller partner of this transformative AI solution for our customers.”


Jérôme Bélan, EMEA CEO at PNY Technologies, stated: “FlashBlade is indisputably the best in class storage solution designed for AI workflows and only six months into our partnership with Pure Storage, we are thrilled to see AIRI empowering our partner network with a real, turnkey solution to tackle the toughest AI problem in the most reliable way. Being a close partner of NVIDIA for more than a decade, we foresaw the potential of a combined FlashBlade together with DGX-1. Today we are pleased to witness the result of the NVIDIA technical team collaborating with Pure Storage to fine tune a complete system approach. Leveraging GPUDirect RDMA provides an incredibly powerful solution to speed up deployments at scale and enable AI problem solving approaches to be dramatically simplified.”


"Organizations should not think of AI as a nebulous futuristic concept, it is real and in flight. Smart organizations know that and are using AI to up-level how they do business with the ultimate goal of enhancing the human experience. Trace3 is thrilled to play a role in bringing AIRI, the industry’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure, architected by Pure Storage and NVIDIA to market, and enable AI-at-scale for every enterprise," said Sandy Salty, Vice President at Trace3.


"This collaboration with NVIDIA and Pure Storage broadens WWT's capabilities to provide high performance AI and Deep Learning solutions in one complete package," said Tim Brooks, Practice Director for WWT's Analytics, AI and Management Consulting group. "Our joint enterprise clients can now significantly scale their Deep Learning production environments with a reference architecture that provides high availability for AI workloads."


XENON, a leading provider of high-performance computing and AI infrastructure, is offering and supporting the AIRI solution to enterprise customers across the APJ region. “Our customers are addressing today’s most complex issues and rely on us to provide the best computing and storage solutions for implementing AI,” said Dragan Dimitrovici, CEO of XENON Systems. “We believe that AIRI is a significant advancement for AI as it offers many exciting and innovative opportunities for companies to deliver significant value from their data.”