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Purity Manage

Manage Data Operations with Insight

Purity Operating Software Provides Intelligent Data Management

Gain insight with intuitive tools and AI-driven automation with data management software that helps you make better storage decisions. Prevent and resolve issues quickly, move workloads seamlessly between on-premises and cloud storage, and more—all from wherever you are.

Intelligent Management

Whether you’re getting alerts on your mobile phone during an outage, or you need workloads to move to meet SLAs, Purity offers insight that keeps your storage responsive.

Unify Your On-premises and Cloud Experience

Purity simplifies managing your data, no matter where it resides—at core data centers on-premises, remote within branch offices, or in the cloud. Authorized users can access and manage their data and storage wherever they are in the world through cloud-based and mobile apps.

Purity Operating System Enables Data Mobility with a Multi-cloud Infrastructure

On-demand Workload Mobility and Data Portability

With Purity, you can quickly and easily move workloads and data across storage platforms, wherever they most cost-effectively meet service level agreements. New to Purity//FA 6.4, ActiveWorkload makes moving workloads between FlashArray devices straightforward and non-disruptive so your users are completely unaware of the change. And Pure’s space-efficient snapshots are portable between FlashArray™ devices to FlashBlade® controllers, third-party NFS servers, and even the cloud.

Flexibility to Deploy Where Needed

Whether for optimal performance or due to cost considerations, some workloads are best run where the data is captured—rather than in a central location. Purity leverages the vast range of Pure FlashArray to provide the most optimal workload support, while also delivering the same sub-millisecond latency and proven 99.9999% availability expected.

Experience Vmware Cloud Foundation Management with Purity’s Intelligent Data Management features

Integrated with Enterprise Applications

Manage Pure storage from within your enterprise application’s management environment.

  • With VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on Pure you can simplify VMware cloud management, eliminate workload-based silos and simplify ESXi infrastructure management.
  • Manage both on-premises and cloud-deployed FlashArray devices from Windows Admin Centre with the Pure FlashArray Management Extension.
  • With Pure Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Extension you can manage database backup and restore easily with app-consistent snapshots and automated backup and restore operations.

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