Cinco de Pure Storage

Now for a quick look at the lighter side of Pure Storage.  We’re a focused team who is serious about using Flash to re-invent storage…but we also like to have fun and celebrate the major milestones in building our company.  In that spirit, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, the perfect excuse for a party to celebrate some very important milestones in our company’s growth: our new 12,000 sq. foot office (the old one was busting at the seams!), a number of new employees, and most importantly a new release of our product, already in heavy testing with beta customers.  Thanks to all who attended, it was great to take a few precious minutes to celebrate with customers, partners, employees and investors…now back to work!

Cinco de Pure Storage, in pictures:

Welcome to the new office….

The vessels await…

Who says engineers can’t party?

There must be someone around here I can sell to…

Investors & engineers finding common ground….

A toast from our CEO…

…and finally the sacrifice of the hard drive (what else!) pinata!

  • Roland Dreier

    Those pictures are awesome! Did you guys hire a professional photographer?