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Pure Storage and Cornerstone

Cornerstone Takes Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Cornerstone uses Pure Storage Cloud Block Store to protect and restore sensitive customer data in a hybrid cloud environment – while gaining flexibility to innovate.


Driven by a cloud-first strategy, Cornerstone aimed to move disaster recovery to the AWS cloud while upholding stringent SLAs for sensitive customer data. Pure Storage Cloud Block Store provides the speed, flexibility, and security the company needs to move data across a hybrid cloud environment.


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Use Cases

  • Pure Cloud Block Store™
  • Pure Storage FlashArray™
  • Pure Storage FlashBlade®
  • Pure Storage Pure1®
  • Pure as-a-Service™



Cornerstone Sees Potential in People—and in the Cloud
Cornerstone turns to Pure Storage to move its disaster recovery (DR) capabilities to the cloud.


  • Strict SLAs to protect hundreds of terabytes of sensitive customer data
  • Increasing costs of running workloads in the public cloud
  • Lack of flexibility and consistency between onpremises and cloud systems


With Pure Storage Cloud Block Store, Cornerstone has flexibility to move data around as it builds and launches new products—and as it addresses customers’ needs for data sovereignty.

Business Transformation

  • Mobilizes data across a hybrid cloud environment
  • Provides agility to drive innovation while maintaining data compliance
  • Frees up cash flow with a predictable OpEx model


IT Transformation

  • Met client SLAs for data protection and integrity
  • Cuts cloud store costs in half with high deduplication and compression rates
  • IT can start replication from on-prem to AWS in 15 minutes with automation

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