Professional Services

Cornerstone OnDemand adds Pure Storage to its IT Foundation 

Business Transformation

  • Thanks to a new IT infrastructure incorporating Pure Storage arrays and SQL Server’s AlwaysOn features, Cornerstone OnDemand now offers its clients faster access to critical applications, more frequent reports, and service-level agreements that exceed industry best of breed.

IT Transformation

  • High-performing storage reduces time for database refreshes, leading to more timely reports for clients on how employees and managers are using key applications.
  • Non-disruptive upgrades preserve uninterrupted availability of applications.
  • Storage capacity can grow incrementally in synch with client expansion without forklift upgrades.
  • Enhanced storage efficiency enables significant cost savings and avoidance of software and hardware licenses.
  • Better-than-expected data-reduction rates reduce expenditures for additional storage.


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“Pure Storage has given us a lot more throughput, speed and performance on our applications, which directly correlates to better response times for our clients.”
Reza Seraji, IT Architect, Cornerstone OnDemand