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What Is Cloud Native

What Is Cloud Native, Cloud Native Storage Benefits and Cloud Native Applications Overview

What Is Cloud-native?

Flexible, scalable, and distributed, cloud-native apps are built for the cloud. This approach to application development and deployment leverages technologies and paradigms that are native to cloud computing, including microservices architectures, containers, and APIs.

What Is a Cloud-native App?

Cloud-native apps are loosely coupled to the underlying infrastructure needed to support them. These days that means deploying microservices via containers that can be dynamically provisioned resources based on user demand. Each microservice can communicate independently via APIs managed through a service layer. While microservices aren’t required for an app to be considered cloud-native, the perks of modularity, portability, and granular control over resources make them a natural fit for running applications in the cloud.

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The Benefits of Cloud-native Development

Common benefits of going cloud-native include:

  • On-demand provisioning of compute and storage resources
  • Reusable modular software components, services, and APIs
  • DevOps-friendly—microservices architectures are also great for setting up continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines
  • Cross-platform portability across public and private clouds or across on-premises and hybrid clouds
  • Highly agile, scalable, and extensible software architecture that can grow with your business

How Pure Storage Can Power Your Cloud-native Apps

As a pioneer in all-flash storage arrays, Pure Storage® delivers a Modern Data Experience™ that can match the agility and scalability of cloud-native apps. Here’s how Pure can help you conquer the cloud divide with cloud-native apps:

  • All the advantages of 100% NVMe storage including massive parallelism and low-latency performance
  • Effortless data and app mobility across public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, and on-premises infrastructure
  • A container-defined storage solution for your Kubernetes data services with Portworx®
Unlock the Value of Kubernetes Data with Portworx
Portworx provides a fully integrated container data management platform to accelerate time to revenue, deliver data resiliency, and empower agility at enterprise scale.
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At Splunk .conf24, we’ll show you why Pure Storage is the superior storage platform for Splunk data management. Visit us at Booth #402.

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