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What Is Storage Management

What Is Storage Management?

Storage management encompasses all the processes and technologies used to manage the resources, software, and hardware that make up a data storage system. It involves striking the optimal balance between costs, performance, and capacity while ensuring the availability, resiliency, and security of the data that powers an increasingly digital world. 

In this article, we’ll cover the main processes and technologies that are needed to deliver big, fast, and reliable data to your organisation.

Common Storage Management Processes

While the exact tools and techniques used to manage data storage will differ between organisations, here’s a list of common storage management processes:

  • Provisioning: The process of assigning storage capacity to computers, servers, and other machines.
  • Virtualisation: The practice of leveraging virtual machines (VMs) to decouple software from hardware operating environments.
  • Containerization: A type of virtualisation in which fully packaged and portable computing environments are used to decouple software from their operating systems.
  • Data compression: A technique used to free up drive space, close memory gaps, reduce retrieval times, and otherwise maximise your storage capacity.
  • Data migration: The process of moving data from one storage location to another.
  • Data replication: From snapshots to mirroring, data replication involves storing the same data in multiple storage locations for redundancy, resilience, and reliability.
  • Disaster recovery: Tools, planning, policies, and procedures for restoring IT operations to normal in the wake of a disaster.
  • Automation: From simple scripts to DevOps, automation covers all tools and techniques related to automating data storage management processes.

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Storage Management Benefits

In an increasingly digital world, the benefits of efficient storage management are not to be understated. Done right, storage management should help you:

  • Keep the data powering your business fast, reliable, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Make the lives of IT staff easier through automation, analytics, and a simplified management dash.
  • Reduce capital expenses (CapEx) by maximising the capacity and performance of existing storage capacity so you don’t have to purchase more.
  • Reduce operational expenses (OpEx) by only paying for the storage capacity your business currently needs.

Simplify Data Storage Management with Pure1

Pure1® is a data storage management solution that delivers a Modern Data Experience™ by bringing the convenience of cloud storage to on-premises storage. With Pure1, you get:

  • A single pane of glass to view and manage all of your storage arrays.
  • AI-driven management and full-stack analytics with Pure1 Meta® analytics platform.
  • A predictive intelligence that forecasts capacity and performance needs in advance.
  • A customer-centric support system of humans and AI that continuously monitor and proactively resolve issues in your array before they become problems.

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