FlashArray//X Delivers 100% Native NVMe

FlashArray//X is the first all-flash, 100% NVMe storage solution designed for all your apps – both mainstream enterprise and next-gen web-scale. Delivering up to 3PB effective in 6U with support for FC, iSCSI, and NVMe over Fabrics connectivity via DirectFlash™ technology, //X is more efficient than ever – and an Evergreen™ upgrade.

 FlashArray X, 100% NVME-oF Storage Solution

Shared Accelerated Storage is Here

We’ve flipped all-flash storage on its head – again. Check out how 100% NVMe and 100% software-driven flash combine to enable unprecedented performance and capacity density in an all-flash array for mainstream enterprise environments and next-gen web-scale applications.

Meet //X90, the new powerhouse

At up to 2x faster than previous generation AFAs, and with up to 3PB effective in 6U, //X90 delivers maximum acceleration and consolidation for all your workloads. It’s your enterprise-in-a-box.

Pure Storage FlashArray X 90, 100% NVME SAN Storage Solution


Purity for FlashArray™ is the software-defined heart of FlashArray//X, delivering rich data services, DirectFlash™ modules, global flash management and fabric support, plus Evergreen™ improvements with every release. Purity//FA 5 delivered ActiveCluster, QoS, File, and VVols – while Purity//FA 5.2 brings CloudSnap and NVMe-oF/RoCE.

FlashArray//X Is Powered by Purity Data Storage Software


Pure Storage is delivering the ultimate in business continuity – RPO zero and RTO zero – and it’s included with your FlashArray, or a simple Evergreen upgrade. Set up in minutes. No need for a third site. No kidding.


Up-level performance for SAN and DAS applications as you consolidate: address mission-critical AND new cloud-native applications with a DirectFlash™ Fabric-enabled FlashArray//X. You’ll be adding NVMe/RoCE speed to all the efficiency, availability, and rich data services that come with every //X.

 Pure Storage NVME DirectFlash Fabric

Consolidate Everything with 25% More Effective Capacity

Not a misprint. DirectFlash™-powered FlashArray//X delivers 10:1 total efficiency and 25% greater capacity – at a lower per-TB cost*. So consolidating all your apps on //X is not only simple and worry-free, it’s incredibly cost-effective.


Here’s another market disruption from Pure: We’re offering 100% native NVMe-accelerated DirectFlash™ storage at a zero dollar premium vs conventional SAS-based SSDs. Because we’re driving to next-gen shared accelerated storage, and you can’t get there with last-gen serial-attached SCSI protocols. 

NVME serial-Attached SCSI Protocols

FlashArray for Every Need and Budget

FlashArray has a solution for every IT need – from entry-level workload acceleration to the 3PB //X90.* Start anywhere and non-disruptively upgrade capacity and performance as needed. You can’t go wrong – every FlashArray is Evergreen.

FlashArray NVME for Every Budget

* Effective capacities.

//X is Effortless

FlashArray just works, period. The FlashArray series has delivered proven 99.9999% availability – inclusive of maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades. That means your data is always-on, always-fast, and always-secure. One hour install is plug-n-play simple with an all-flash array that manages itself. And FlashArray is cloud-connected, with unrivaled predictive support, and powerful analytics and protection. If FlashArray needs your attention, your smartphone will let you know.

//X Is Efficient

Get maximum consolidation with consistent sub-1ms latency for all your applications while you save 10x on power, cooling, space. And you’ll save on flash, since our industry-leading data reduction means you’ll buy a lot less capacity, today and as you expand. Nothing to configure, and no trade-offs: all data services are always-on and built-in, and the platform is fully automatable. Think cloud-like agility for your IT. 

Storage Consolidation Optimisation: Storage Power, Cooling and Space

//X Is Evergreen

FlashArray is the only storage that gets better with age – and FlashArray//X is just the latest proof. //X delivers the unprecedented power of DirectFlash™ and 100% NVMe-oF connectivity, and yet it’s a seamless, non-disruptive upgrade from any FlashArray. It’s all part of Evergreen Storage, our revolutionary ownership model that, like SaaS, delivers continuous innovations in software and hardware to you with no forklift upgrades and no data migrations.

Evergreen Storage Buying Model

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