Container Storage-as-a-Service for Your Hybrid Cloud

Pure Service Orchestrator™ delivers storage-as-a-service for containers, giving developers the agility of the public cloud and the reliability and security of on-prem infrastructure, wherever your applications live. Build and deploy scale-out microservices applications – on demand.

Pure Service Orchestrator Makes Containers Easy

Accelerate application delivery times and empower developers by extending the benefits of containers to mission-critical persistent applications. Deliver enterprise-grade, persistent storage-as-a-service for containers with Pure’s all-flash speed, enterprise-proven reliability, and rich data services.

Get Persistent Storage for Containers On Demand, Effortlessly

Containerized application environments are fluid, and scale rapidly. To keep up, you’ll need Pure’s fast, flexible storage solutions – and Pure Service Orchestrator’s smart provisioning, elastic scaling, and transparent recovery.

Smart Provisioning

Service Orchestrator automatically makes the best provisioning decision for each storage request – in real-time – by assessing multiple factors such as performance load, the capacity and health of your arrays, and policy tags.

Elastic Scaling

Uniting all your Pure FlashArray and FlashBlade™ arrays on a single shared infrastructure, and supporting file and block as needed, Service Orchestrator makes adding new arrays effortless, so you can scale as your environment grows.

Transparent Recovery

To ensure your services stay robust, Pure Service Orchestrator self-heals – so you’re protected against data corruption caused by issues such as node failure, array performance limits, and low disk space.

Container Adoption is Exploding

Containers are lightweight, compact, and flexible. Decoupling application runtime from infrastructure, they’re key to application modularity and scalability – which makes them essential building blocks for cloud-model IT. IDC predicts that by 2021, the vast majority of app development on cloud platforms will use microservices and containers.

Cloud-model Storage Orchestration and Provisioning – On-Prem

Pure Service Orchestrator integrates seamlessly with container orchestration frameworks like Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere, and also functions as the control plane virtualisation layer for your containerized environment. Now your developers can move from consuming storage-as-a-device to consuming storage-as-a-service.

Container Storage Goes Mainstream

With Pure Service Orchestrator, we’ve solved the issue of persistent storage for containers – and made scaling that storage effortless. See how we’re enabling mainstream adoption of containers.

Run Containers – and Everything Else

Pure’s shared accelerated storage infrastructure supports your existing scale-up and virtualised applications alongside containerized, persistent applications – for unprecedented levels of consolidation in your environment. 

Support your existing scale-up and virtualised applications alongside containerized, persistent storage applications
Container Storage Technology

“The Docker integration works seamlessly – our developers can build and deploy container-based persistent applications effortlessly. And Pure Service Orchestrator takes this to the next level with on-demand provisioning for stateful containers based on policy. Pure’s Shared Accelerated Storage model, combined with the simplicity that Pure is known for, will be key to scaling containerized environments like ours.”

Don Bauer, Lead DevOps Engineer
Franklin American Mortgage Company

Beyond Containers –
to Platform-as-a-service

Many developers want to go beyond containers-as-a-service – to on-prem platform-as-a-service. We’ve got that, with our Red Hat OpenShift reference architecture. Moreover, a true cloud experience demands not only cloud architecture, but also a cloud consumption model, and we also offer that, via Pure as-a-Service.

Get Containers Details

Now that you know what Pure Service Orchestrator is capable of, take a deep dive. We’ve got new white papers on deploying and working with Pure Service Orchestrator and both Kubernetes and Docker. Have a look.

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