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Container Storage as a Service for Hybrid Cloud

Deliver storage as a service for containers. Portworx® by Pure Storage® gives developers the agility of public cloud with the reliability and security of on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud container storage as a service for hybrid cloud

Modern Data Experience for Cloud-native Apps

Get the benefits of a single data platform for all your cloud-native needs. Build, automate, protect, and secure cloud-native applications with the flexibility to run on any Kubernetes distribution, any cloud, or any on-prem infrastructure.

Architect a Container Platform

Empower developers to build and update enterprise applications faster, without compromising on security, data protection, and enterprise policies.

Get Scalable Data Services for SaaS

Provide your software-as-a-service (SaaS) architects with an enterprise-grade Kubernetes storage platform that meets their scalability and reliability needs.

Automate Kubernetes Data Protection

Protect your containerized applications with optimized cloud-native disaster recovery and backups for all your Kubernetes workloads.

What are containers?

Containers are standardized units of software that contain all the code and dependencies, including binaries, libraries, and configuration files, needed for an app to run. Containerized software can run reliably from one computing environment to another.

People also ask:

1. Virtual machines vs. containers

Both virtual machines (VMs) and containers use virtualization to create isolated environments for running applications. The key difference lies in the granularity of virtualization they provide—VMs virtualize at the operating-system (OS) or machine level while containers virtualize at the software level.

2. What is a containers-as-a-service platform?

A containers-as-a-service (CaaS) platform is an application platform that enables developers to more quickly build, deploy, and update enterprise applications by taking advantage of the agility and portability of containers.

3. What is container orchestration?

Container orchestration tools help you provision, configure, deploy, and manage containers at scale. From allocating storage and compute resources to handling networking, load balancing, and traffic routing, container orchestration plays a vital role in setting up CI-CD pipelines, DevOps workflows, and microservices architectures. Examples of container orchestration tools include Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and Docker Swarm.

4. How does Portworx add Kubernetes data services capabilities to Pure Storage?

The acquisition of Portworx, the leading Kubernetes storage platform according to GigaOm Research, was a natural fit for Pure Storage to expand its data services capabilities for containers. Together Pure Storage and Portworx provide a complete data-services solution that provides persistent storage, data protection, and disaster recovery for your containerized applications.

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“Portworx saves us time and money by providing more reliable tooling to our customers.”

Sven Sonnendorfer
Community Manager

“FlashBlade and Kubernetes through Pure Storage Orchestrator was such a success that we’re basing our entire infrastructure at our new data center on it.”

Ed Hammond
Principal Solutions Architect


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