What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

A software or information service developed, hosted, and delivered by one organization to another organizaiton over the internet, consumed via a client interface (e.g. a web browser) and paid for via a subscription. The meaning of the term stands in contrast to the traditional way a business or government organization might otherwise procure and operate a software solution: a perpetual license to use the software (via an upfront payment to the developer), access to software updates and support (via recurring payments to the developer), and the the self-hosting of that software (with all the other hardware, software, expertise, and facilities that may entail).

SaaS providers that utilize Pure Storage as part of their SaaS operations/infrastructure are able to expand business and pursue new markets while lowering churn, get new product, fixes and features to market faster, and boost gross margins through Pure’s industry-leading efficiencies.