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What is Software as a Service?

What is Software as a Service?

Software as a service (SaaS) is the practice of licensing and delivering software as a subscription rather than through a one-time installation or purchase. Powered by the cloud, SaaS apps can be accessed on all your devices as long as you have a browser and an internet connection.

The SaaS business model typically involves offering customers a tiered subscription model with an entry-level free version and additional features locked behind paid tiers. The SaaS model owes its popularity and success to the power and flexibility of the cloud.

Details of the underlying cloud infrastructure are abstracted away from the user via a sleek and simple UI. Whether they’re sending emails, collaborating in real time on documents, or managing enterprise resource planning (ERP) workflows, people just want their SaaS product to work without having to think much about it.

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The Benefits of SaaS

SaaS comes with a number of benefits that make it a great deal for both SaaS providers and consumers. 

Customers love SaaS because of: 

  • Cross-platform accessibility via the cloud
  • Flexible pricing models—subscribe only for the duration you need a service
  • Automatic updates and maintenance make app management simpler

Vendors love SaaS because of:

  • Cloud-powered agility to deploy a consistent UX across a wide variety of devices
  • Predictable revenue flows from subscription fees
  • Piracy mitigation—your app only works if you’re supplying the data via an active subscription over a web connection

Why Host Your SaaS App On Pure Storage’s All-flash Storage?

If you want to host your own SaaS app, your IT infrastructure needs the performance and reliability to support your customers 24/7 without breaking the bank. It must also be agile enough to pivot and grow with your SaaS app as technology needs change.  

Pure Storage® all-flash arrays come with a number of benefits that make SaaS simple, fast, and efficient:

  • High-throughput, low-latency, data transfer rates of 100% NVMe storage
  • 99.9999% availability with Purity ActiveCluster™ on FlashArray™
  • Reduced OPEX* and CapEx IT costs
  • AI-driven predictive analytics and data management

If you want a high-performing always-on SaaS app, you’ll need to invest in storage as a service (STaaS) that can match. SaaS providers that utilize Pure Storage as part of their SaaS operations/infrastructure are able to expand business and pursue new markets while lowering churn to get new products, fixes, and features to market faster.

1 OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review

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