IDT Uses the ObjectEngine™ Platform to Increase Efficiency, Add Flexibility

IDT uses the ObjectEngine™ platform from Pure Storage to increase efficiency, add flexibility in its IT infrastructure, and reduce costs for backup and recovery.


IDT is the leader in providing communications and financial services to immigrant communities, helping them stay in touch and share resources with friends and family around the world. The company’s flagship BOSS Revolution service has tens of thousands of retailers and handles more than 150 million customer transactions a year.




North America

Use Cases

ObjectEngine Backup and Recovery



IDT Telecom Leverages Scalable Cloud Storage from Pure
Learn how IDT Telecom gained peace of mind with Pure's StorReduce for cloud backup and recovery while reducing costs and increasing efficiency and flexibility in their storage infrastructure.


Inflexible, costly legacy storage conflicted with the company’s commitment to a cloud-based IT strategy.


Business Transformation

  • IDT customers benefit from more reliable and cost-effective communication and financial services, while the IT staff spends less time and money to ensure business continuity.

IT Transformation

  • ObjectEngine provides the performance, flexibility and efficiency that reduces costs and increases the reliability of backup/restore functions.

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