On-Demand Webinar: Simplify and Scale Microsoft VDI with Pure Storage and Unidesk

FlashCast Webinar

Desktop layering and all-flash storage are making it easier to scale and manage VDI on Hyper-V. Learn what these innovations are and why they make Hyper-V an even better choice for your VDI project. Pure Storage and Unidesk are teaming up to bring greater scale, performance, and simplicity to VDI on Hyper-V. Learn from technical experts how:

Pure Storage all-flash storage:

  • Delivers consistent performance for end-users
  • Scales to 1,000s of desktops
  • Achieves >10-to-1 data reduction
  • Costs less than disk on a usable basis


Unidesk desktop layering software:

  • Delivers any app to multiple VMs in minutes as if they were locally installed
  • Enables 1 clean Windows OS later to be used for "patch-once" efficiency
  • Provisions persistent and non-persistent VMs from the same shared images
  • Extends RDS with simple, GUI-based management of RDS collections

3 einfache erste Schritte

1. Ihre Anforderungen überprüfen

Starten Sie gleich, indem Sie Ihre Storage-Anforderungen von unseren Experten einschätzen lassen.

2. Proof of Concept durchführen

Erstellen Sie mit unserem Team einen Proof of Concept, um zu sehen, wie gut wir zu Ihnen passen.

3. Migration zu Pure

Wählen Sie das richtige Team als Partner, um gleich damit zu beginnen, Ihre Gesamtbetriebskosten (TCO) zu senken.