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What is IT Operations Analytics

What is IT Operations Analytics?

IT operations analytics is the practice of monitoring and analyzing the IT infrastructure behind your business—both on premises and in the cloud—to troubleshoot issues and prevent downtimes before they occur.

Generally speaking, IT operations analytics can be classified into four categories:

  • Descriptive analytics: Used to characterize what has happened over time (e.g., monitoring the capacity utilized by an enterprise service over time) 
  • Diagnostic analytics: Used to determine why something has happened or is occurring (e.g., leveraging event log files to determine the root cause of a crash)
  • Predictive analytics: Used to predict or forecast future events (e.g., predicting bottlenecks in your data storage needs)
  • Prescriptive analytics: Used to prescribe a course of action based on forecasted scenarios (e.g., predicting a future storage bottleneck and suggesting the purchase of additional capacity to prevent it)

An IT operations analytics pipeline can give your organization the intelligence it needs to implement DevOps.

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The Benefits of IT Operations Analytics

Common benefits of IT operations analytics include:

  • Routine monitoring of the health of your IT infrastructure
  • The ability to forecast and avoid slowdowns, service interruptions, and outages
  • Visibility into fluctuations in demand for better capacity utilization
  • A real-time roadmap for fine-tuning and improving your IT operations

How Pure Storage Delivers Modern IT Operations Analytics

Pure FlashBlade® was built from the bottom up to deliver a Modern Data Experience™ for IT operations analytics.

Perks of powering your IT operations analytics with Pure include:

  • The speed, parallelism, and reliability of all-NVMe storage
  • Cloud-like economics and agility with on-premises control and efficiency
  • An Evergreen™ architecture for true non-disruptive upgrades without downtimes or data migrations
  • Fast and efficient scale-out flash storage with FlashBlade
  • Predictive intelligence that forecasts capacity and performance needs over time with Pure1 Meta®

FlashBlade combines the raw performance and massively parallel architecture of NVMe storage with AI to predict downtimes, failures, and outages before they occur, prescribing you a suggested course of action to prevent them.

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