Private Cloud

It’s Time to Rethink Private Cloud

Bring cloud-like agility on-premises with an AI-driven digital marketplace, consistent multicloud automation for virtual machine or container-based workloads, and unified as-a-service consumption.

Modernize Your Private Cloud

Private cloud supports a Modern Data Experience™. Build applications once and future-proof them for any back-end. Gain the speed, reliability, and security of on-premises storage with the operational agility of the cloud. Rely on innovative, cloud-ready solutions to transform data into powerful outcomes.

Optimize your VMware Environment

Future-ready solutions from VMware and Pure are engineered to run any application on any cloud, simplifying operations while eliminating risk.

Simplified Kubernetes Data Services

Portworx® by Pure Storage enables you to run any cloud-native data service, on any infrastructure, using any Kubernetes platform. Get built-in high availability, data protection, data security, and cloud mobility.

Private Cloud with Hyperscale Benefits

Disaggregated compute and storage deliver flexibility and cost savings. Build your own or get a turnkey FlashStack® ready to go right out of the box. It’s simple to deploy, simple to operate, and ready to scale.

Open, Simple Private-cloud Automation

Leverage pre-built integrations with your automation tools so you can select the best technology stack for your DevOps environment. Deploy infrastructure-as-code powered by Ansible, PowerShell, Puppet, Python, and SaltStack modules.

Test Drive the Modern Data Experience

Test Drive the Modern Data Experience™

Take the simple path to an effortless private cloud. Step into a virtual lab and get hands on with the Modern Data Experience. No setup, no cost, no hassle.

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud delivers many of the same benefits of a public cloud—speed, scalability, and cost savings. But instead of serving multiple organizations like a public cloud, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization.

Otras preguntas de los usuarios:

1. What’s the difference: private cloud vs. public cloud?

Both private and public clouds offer improved agility, scalability, and efficiency. Both can use virtualization on-premises and remotely. The only difference is whether the resources are dedicated to one organization or shared with other customers. In other words, the private/public cloud divide is defined by privacy.

2. What are the benefits of private clouds?

A private cloud offers:

  • All the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency benefits of cloud computing
  • Higher availability and reliability of dedicated resources
  • Improved security and regulatory compliance
  • Greater control over your data resources and how you use it

You can integrate all the benefits of a private cloud into your larger multicloud strategy.

3. What’s the difference between on-premises vs. off-premises private clouds?

Many cloud providers sell off-premises private clouds—dedicated servers that don’t share resources with other customers. While there are advantages to outsourcing the management of your data storage infrastructure, hosting your own private cloud internally will give you the greatest control and performance possible over your storage resources.

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“We had the Pure array up and running, and our virtual infrastructure migrated onto it, in about two hours.”

David Woolley
Senior Director, Network Operations, San Francisco Giants

"Using Pure Service Orchestrator to manage all our storage needs for Kubernetes trials was such an immediate success that we based our greenfield Kubernetes deployment at our new data center entirely around FlashBlade for storage."

Ed Hammond
Principal Solutions Architect, Cogo Labs


Get cloud-native platform-as-a-service and robust, persistent storage for Kubernetes. 

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